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Making Direct Mail Work: Legal Services

May 07, 2012


Making Direct Mail Work Series Article #8:

6 Ways Direct Mail Can Help You Grow Your Legal Business


In the legal business, customer loyalty means a lot.  Whether you run a practice that relies on a stable of contracted clients (as business law firms do) or a practice that serves most clients just once (like a family law practice might), customer loyalty – developing it, maintaining it, and leveraging it – is essential.  Here are six ways direct mail can help.


#1. Reach out to newly incorporated businesses.  A business mailing list from Click2Mail can give you information about newly incorporated businesses in your area.  Send a professional letter introducing yourself, your firm, and the services you provide (and, most importantly, the benefits you offer your clients).  


Click2Mail makes it easy to personalize your letter for each business (including addressing the owner by name).  Remember, as always, to include a strong call to action (“Call today for your free consultation” or “For your free report on 5 mistakes new business owners make, visit


#2. Stay in touch with current and former clients.  One business law firm sends a monthly newsletter highlighting news relevant to its clients, and offering tips for navigating the tough business climate.  The firm finds the newsletter, which is a booklet self-mailer, to be a great way to offer added value to its clients and to stay top-of-mind, so that when the need for legal services does arise, the client doesn’t think twice about who to call.


Remember that you want to get your clients to open the booklet up and read it – so create an attention-grabbing graphic or message on the visible portion of the self-mailer to entice your readers. Use colorful images and professionally written content to keep readers eagerly anticipating the next issue.


#3. Ask existing clients for referrals to their colleagues, family, and friends.  One law firm sends a letter to all clients when it closes a case to say “Thank You.”  The firm takes the opportunity to subtly ask for referrals.  Of course, this can be a sensitive area in the legal services field, so tread with care, and be sure to stay on the right side of all privacy laws – but don’t shy away from asking clients to refer you when someone they know needs legal help.


#4.  Follow up on website leads right away.  One law firm uses the Click2Mail API to automatically send a Priority Mail letter with information about the firm and its services to anyone who requests that information on the firm’s website.  This helps the firm turn warm leads hot right away (if you don’t act on new leads right away, they’re likely to go cold).


#5. When you need to send official documents, Click2Mail makes it easy with Certified Mail.  Of course you can send Certified Mail yourself through the local post office, but did you know that you can also do it through Click2Mail?  True to our motto of making mail easy, we can securely print and mail your Certified Mail documents when you need an official record of mailing or receipt.


#6. For invoices, appointment reminders, and other client-specific communications you typically create on a desktop PC, the MailJack print driver makes mailing as quick and easy as clicking “Print”.  Instead of dedicating administrative resources to printing, addressing, stuffing envelopes, and mailing client communications, MailJack can easily transmit almost any document to Click2Mail for printing and mailing with a single click.


From reaching out to likely prospects, staying in touch with current and former clients, saying thank you, asking for referrals, following up on leads, sending official documents, and regular client communications, direct mail can help you grow your legal business.  To learn more about these products and services, visit, call 866-665-2787 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


This is the eighth in our new article series on making direct mail work to grow your business. We’ve combined this with 13 other articles on making direct mail work for different types of businesses. For your free copy of the full white paper complete with all 14 articles, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).