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Making Direct Mail Work to Grow Your Restaurant Business

Aug 08, 2012


On one hand, the economic recession has hit small local businesses hard. On the other hand, there is an exciting new trend toward “localism” – consumers supporting local businesses. Take advantage of the trend by using direct mail to target consumers and businesses in your neighborhood. Here are four tips on how to do it.


Tip #1: Send an “Eat Local” postcard to households within a two-mile radius of your restaurant. Explain what localism is and how it benefits your readers (for one, by supporting local businesses they’re helping keep the neighborhood vibrant). Then, appeal to their other senses – design the postcard with mouthwatering images of your fare. Include a coupon for a free appetizer or round of drinks with the purchase of a meal.


Tip #2: Integrate your online and offline marketing efforts. When your customers submit their mailing addresses on your website (as part of a “design a dish” contest, perhaps?), mail them a “Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?” free lunch coupon. When done right, integrating multiple channels can be a powerful marketing tool.


Click2Mail makes integrating your email and direct mail efforts easy with Email-to-Mail, which allows you to print and mail via your email client. Use Email-to-Mail to seamlessly combine your email marketing with direct mail – for staying in touch with customers about this month’s contest, menu changes, exciting news, etc.


Tip #3: Turn your local customers into loyal customers. Getting customers to come into your restaurant on a regular basis (rather than just when they happen to be hungry as they drive by) is one of the best ways you can build your business. Design a rewards program where “frequent diners” get a monthly coupon. Create a monthly flyer self-mailer to include the coupon as well as some of your best recipes and other local news (you are promoting localism, after all).


Tip #4: Use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to reach every mailbox in the neighborhood. What better way to reach everyone in the neighborhood than with EDDM. Choose a postal carrier route (say, within a two mile radius of your restaurant), and mail for just 14.5 cents per piece. Choose from a range of different mailer options with Click2Mail; any of the pieces can feature photos of your famous dishes as well as highlights from your menu.


Whichever type of mailer you choose, remember to include a strong call to action, a compelling offer, and a map to your restaurant along with the other pertinent details (hours of operation, phone number for reservation, website to check out the menu).


We all know that the economy has been hard on local restaurants, but by creatively using direct mail to harness the power of localism, you can grow your restaurant business even in these challenging times. Visit today to get started.


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