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Making Direct Mail Work: Self-Storage Business

Jul 03, 2012


How do you get customers to trust you with their rare collection of Elvis albums or their eclectic collection of mid-century ten-speed bicycles (or any of their other worldly possessions)? By building their trust and confidence in your ability to securely store their belongings. You also want to stand out, to show how you are better than your competitors. Here are seven steps for doing just that.


Step 1: Have a clear purpose. Why do your customers need public storage? You need to be able to answer this question. If you can’t right now, survey your existing customers (you can do that with a reply card). Make it clear in all of your direct mail that you understand where your prospective customers are coming from and what they’re looking for. Use images to convey that understanding (with, say, a jumbo postcard of a customer easily placing their record boxes into one of your smaller units). 


Step 2: Prove how you’re different. Why should a customer choose you over the public storage facility down the street? Do you offer a unique amenity (like air-conditioned units)? If so, then make that clear on your mailer. If you offer lighted units, for example, you could design a postcard showing a fully stacked unit lit up during the night time.


Step 3: Reach out. To reach out to prospective customers in your area – to let them know that you can securely store their boat for their winter, or to tell people about the upcoming auction (or whatever else you want to promote) – Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an effective and affordable way to reach every mailbox within a given area.


Step 4: Get personal. Use customer testimonials (and real pictures if you can get them) to showcase your great personal service. When you show real customers (or even just stock photos that are aligned with your customer demographic), your mail recipients will identify with the mailer – there’s an instinctual reaction that says, “Oh, this company serves people like me!”


Step 5: Be consistent. Your logo, colors, font types, and design style are all important elements of your brand. They should be consistent across all of your marketing efforts. From your website to your in-store ads to your Facebook page to your direct mail, you should be presenting the same brand image. This will help build an immediately-recognizable brand (who doesn’t think “U-Haul” when they see that characteristic orange?).


Step 6: Stay top-of-mind. Your best customers are your current customers, in part because keeping them is much easier (and less expensive) than finding new ones. Plus, if your customers are really happy with you, they’ll likely refer you to their family, friends, and colleagues (that’s customer acquisition made easy!). MailJack makes keeping in touch with your current customers as easy as clicking “Print” from your document processor – ideal for sending monthly invoices, announcements, reminders, and service contract renewals.

Step 7: Keep it legal. When you have to send a legal notice (as you do when a customer hasn’t paid and you’re preparing to put the unit up for auction), Click2Mail makes Certified Mail easy. We take care of everything for you, and you get an electronic record of receipt.


By demonstrating a clear purpose (one that’s aligned with the needs of your target audience), by proving how you’re different than the next guy, by reaching out, getting personal, being consistent across all of your marketing efforts, staying top-of-mind, and keeping it all legal, you’ll do well to grow your public storage business. Click2Mail can help.


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