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Maximize Your ROI: Click2Mail’s List Services

Dec 07, 2009

For several decades now, it’s been a widely held marketing dictum that 40% of the success of a direct mail campaign owes to the offer, 40% to the mailing list, and 20% to copy and design. Today, some experts suggest that the breakdown is more like 60-30-10. Either way, the bottom line is the same: the quality of your list is hugely important.

With At, you can easily, quickly, and cost effectively buy a high-quality consumer or business list online to maximize the return on your direct mail investment.  The benefits of the mailing lists include:


A minimum order requirement of just 100 records – a much smaller requirement than other list providers.  That means you can buy the list that is just the right size for you – whether you’re a small, medium or large business; whether you want to reach a wide audience or a narrower one.

Fast search results and same day order fulfillment. Visit and you can quickly and easily search our business, consumer, or occupant list databases. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll fulfill it the same day. Then, you can mail to your list right away with our Mailing Online interface – so you can get your mailer out while the “iron is still hot.”

An intuitive, easy-to-use system. Some list providers’ systems are incredibly complex. Not ours – it’s user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use; so you can spend your time running your business, not searching for the right mailing list.

Access lists 24 hours a day. We realize that business is done at all hours of the day – and night.  That’s why you can access our mailing lists any time, any day.

Reliable data. High-quality – accurate – data is absolutely essential to an effective direct mail campaign. At, we cleanse and standardize each list twice – on the mailing list itself in our database and once you’ve set it up to mail through our Mailing Online interface.

Competitive pricing. While quality should be the most important consideration factor when choosing a list provider, we understand that cost considerations – especially now – are critical. That’s why mailing lists from Click2Mail, in addition to all of the other benefits, are priced very competitively. Click here to explore the mailing lists we offer and our pricing.

When you’re ready to purchase a mailing list to boost your response and maximize your ROI, visit .