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New Movers List: Be the 1st in the Mailbox

Mar 06, 2011

Click2Mail's New Movers List: Be the 1st in the Mailbox

The New Movers List, now available through Click2Mail Mailing List Services, is one of the most comprehensive new mover files available. All of the people on the list have moved to their address within the last 6 months, and you can select additional identifiers such as distance of move, dwelling type, gender of primary owner, phone received date, and telephone number - giving you a highly targetable list for your direct mail campaign.

Why mail to new movers

Approximately 20 percent of Americans move each year - that's almost 1.3 million movers every month. And new movers, research shows, spend more on goods and services in the first three months following their move than non-movers do in an entire five year period.

So whatever your businesses, if you target consumers - whether you're a local restaurant or retail store, a service business, a financial institution, or something else - the New Movers List lets you keep pace with the new residents in your market area, reaching them exactly when they're changing their lifestyles, their household requirements, and their buying habits.

Ideas for mailing to new movers

"Welcome to the neighborhood!" postcard. For local restaurants or retailers, letting people know you're around is key to driving traffic to your store. Do that with a creative "Welcome!" postcard. Remember the general principles of good mailer design and include a can't-be-refused offer (a special discount or freebie is a good bet). For a limited time get 150 large full-color postcards for just $99.95 (that's printed and mailed) - start your order here and enter coupon code 150LPC when you check out.

Neighborhood resources booklet. For local service professionals - real estate agents, insurance agents, accountants, yard and home service companies - a resources booklet can be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of the local area. And if you provide valuable information - an area map, phone numbers to local places, community events calendar - you'll engender a lot of goodwill. Plus, people will keep your booklet on hand, which means they keep you top-of-mind.

Get to know the New Movers List

With the Click2Mail New Movers List you have two options (you can choose both):

How to Use the Subscription Feature

1) You can purchase from the New Movers List names, addresses, and other targeting data of all the people in your geographic area who have moved within the last six months.
2) You can subscribe (for free) to weekly notifications of all the movers in your target group who have been added to the New Movers List (you then have the option to purchase the additional records).

Why Subscribe?

  • Users will be notified of updates with the searches they regularly run or place orders for without having to manually rerun the search on the site.


  • Users have the option of automatically placing an order for the subscribed search or order without having to manually go through the entire ordering process.


  • Users are assured of getting accurate updates for the subscribed search or order. They can specify a tolerance period within which a subscription run should be attempted again if the scheduled run did not complete successfully or was not attempted. Users will also be notified of the status of their subscription.


  • Users can run a subscription even before its scheduled run, at a time that is most convenient for them.


  • Users have options for basing their subscription on a particular number of days that has passed, or on the last subscription, but they can also base their subscription on whatever the count is at the time that the subscription is run.


  • Users do not have to constantly enter the company billing information, as the most recent company billing information is used for any subscription, including the child orders that are created during the subscription process.


With an initial purchase of New Movers in your area then a free subscription to weekly updates on additions to your list, you'll get an incredibly robust system for identifying on a weekly basis the people who have just moved into your market area. Catching people within the first six months of their move is great, but within the first week - now that's the early bird catching the worm.

Click2Mail's new Mailing List sign-in procedure

If you're purchased a mailing list from Click2Mail before you'll know that previously you had a regular Click2Mail account and a separate sign-in for the Mailing List area. As of February 22, you no longer need two accounts and login IDs; logging into your Click2Mail account will automatically log you in to the Mailing List services as well.

Ready to beat your competitors to the mailbox? Get started with the Click2Mail New Movers List today. And remember, if you need any help, we're here - at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 866-665-2787 M-F, 9am-8pm EST.