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New! Visutal Mapping Mailing List Tool

Jun 06, 2011

Introducing the New Visual Mapping Mailing List Tool

In our April article, More Isn't Always Better: A Guide to Targeted Mailing Lists, we talked about the benefits of having a targeted mailing list. Chief among them: lower cost and better results. Because the fact is that the whole world is not a prospective customer - and by mailing to people who are not good prospects, you're lowering the return you see on your investment.

There are a number of ways that you can target your mailing list. One is to target a demographic similar to your current customers. Say you own a resale boutique for children's clothes and your customers are typically working women aged 35-49 with household incomes above $75,000. So you might rent a list that has been targeted by gender, age, and household income.

Say you own a dry cleaner and your current customers are men and women aged 25-70 (and you have no idea their household incomes). But they all live nearby. In this case, your target audience doesn't fall into a neatly-defined demography. So instead of targeting by gender, age, or income, you might target by geographic location.

Creating a geo-targeted mailing list

Click2Mail Mailing List Services has always offered the geo-targeted list option. But until now, when you wanted to create a geo-targeted list, you did so by defining a certain mileage radius around your business address, or a certain ZIP code, or a certain mail carrier route.

Now, you can geo-target your list in all those ways (and then some) and you can visualize what you're doing as you're doing it. So you can see the 3 mile radius around your pizza shop's address as you order a list that has all of the residences within that circle. You can draw a custom geo-boundary and order a list of addresses within that polygon. You can specify a driving time radius from a given address and see the amoeba-like shape appear on a map before you order a list of everyone within a ten-minute drive of your dry cleaning establishment.

The new mapping tool - how it works

Step 1: Place your "home base" location marker. Your location marker is your "home base" - in all likelihood the address of your business. You can define this location in one of three ways: by entering the address (just the state, county, or ZIP code, or the complete address) and zooming to the location; by clicking on the map to place your location marker; or by defining a location that encompasses a certain geographic area.

Step 2: Select or omit. The new mapping tool allows you to either include or exclude the geographic location you'll define in Step 3. Say, for example, that you want a mailing list including all homes in nearby ZIP codes except for the homes north of Z Street (because your competitor has that market covered). Then you'll choose to omit rather than select homes in that north-of-Z Street area.

Step 3: Define a geographic area around your location marker. Step 3 is where you're actually defining the area to which you'll mail. You have a number of options for defining this area (all of which the new tool allows you to visualize). You can geo-target by:

• Distance radius (a circle with a radius of a certain number of miles, centered around your location marker)
• Drive time radius (an area within a certain number of driving minutes from your location marker)
• Mail carrier route (the geographic area defined by the USPS as a single mail route)
• Custom polygon (hand-draw a custom area around your location marker)

You can create as many geographic areas as you like (so, for example, you can create an area that encompasses everyone within a three-mile radius as well as everyone in a certain ZIP code). To get a sense of where certain ZIP codes or carrier routes are, you can turn on overlays to see those before you select them.

The new visual mapping mailing list tool gives you all of the benefits of geo-targeting and makes it easy to visualize where you're mailing. Get started with your geo-targeted mailing list here. For questions, we're available M-F, 9am-8pm EST at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and 866-665-2787.