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Response Marketing? Try our eco-Friendly Reply Mail Options

Oct 31, 2008

BY OWEN ZANZAL Why mail out a letter with an enclosed reply envelope when Click2Mail gives you options that are less wasteful? Introducing Click2Mail double postcards and reusable reply ecoEnvelopes™.

If you only need a short response, save paper and postage by using our double postcard. If you receive checks or money orders, try our reusable ecoEnvelopes. You save trees while saving money.

Business Reply Double Postcards

Encourage recipients to respond to your offers immediately with detachable Business Reply cards—they simply drop the postage-paid card in the mail and you get the order. Your outbound postage cost is Click2Mail’s discounted postcard rate of only 22.3 cents, but one half of the card is removable and is automatically addressed back to you. Click2Mail makes the process of creating Business Reply postcards easy too. Obtain a Business Reply permit online at or through your local post office, and have Click2Mail send out your postcards the next day.

Courtesy Reply Double Postcards and ecoEnvelope Letters

If you want recipients to pay the postage on reply mail, Click2Mail is now offering double reply postcards, as well as letters with reusable reply envelopes. The detachable double postcard gives responders a convenient and economical way to get back to you. If you need more space or receive payments by check, our courtesy reply letters use patented reusable ecoEnvelopes™. You send a single envelope that is reusable by the recipient for sending a reply back to you and preaddressed reply coupons on each letter make responding quick and easy.

Owen Zanzal is a Click2Mail Customer Suppport Representative. Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)