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Pack More Mailing Punch: 2 New Postcard Options

May 06, 2010

Pack More Direct Marketing Punch with Click2Mail’s 2 New Postcard Options

When you don’t need  to use a lot of words, but you want to be heard, postcards are perfect for concise messages that really stand out.  Now, Click2Mail makes postcard mailing even more attention-grabbing with two new options.  You asked for them, and we listened.

The new jumbo postcard

In direct mail, size matters.  And generally speaking, bigger is better.  Click2Mail’s new jumbo postcard, here by popular demand, really pops out of the mailbox.  With plenty of room on both sides of the card for your message, it’s ideal for:
•    Sale announcements
•    Special discount offers
•    Staying top-of-mind
•    Promoting a new product
•    Saying “Thank You”
•    Celebrating a special occasion
•    Reaching out to new prospects
•    Building your brand

Estimate the cost of your Click2Mail jumbo postcard mailing.

The new full-bleed option

Make your mail even more eye-catching with Click2Mail’s new full-bleed option, available on all of our postcards.  Bleed is a printing term that refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of crop marks indicating where paper should be trimmed. The bleed trim area compensates for paper, cutting and design inconsistencies.  When you choose the full bleed option on a SpaceSaver or Jumbo postcard your card will be printed and trimmed to show color to the very edge – no white border.  That can make for a more catching, dramatic postcard that really highlights your message. 

Learn more about the full bleed option.

Whether you choose the jumbo postcard or a smaller one (Click2Mail also offers 5 x 8 large and 4.25 x 6 regular-sized postcards) and whether you opt for a full-bleed or not, there are a number of reasons why sending a postcard with Click2Mail makes good sense.  Among them:
•    It’s easy. Postcards are the easiest, least complex format to write and design.
•    It’s inexpensive.  Send a postcard for as little as 31.2 cents – including printing and postage
•    It’s obvious.  The images and headlines on postcards are virtually certain to be seen.
•    It’s immediate. Like all products, postcards ordered by 8PM ET are mailed the next business day.

Communicate clearly, quickly and easily with Click2Mail postcards – recipients see your images and text without the added step of opening an envelope.  And now you can pack even more postcard punch with our two new options.  Get started today.