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Partership Opportunity: You + MailJack™

Nov 01, 2011

New Partnership Opportunity: You + MailJack™ = A Real Win-Win-Win

MailJack™ print driver is Click2Mail’s newest service designed to make mail easier.  Essentially a virtual printer and mailer, MailJack™ works similarly to Click2Mail Mailing Online (where we print and mail for you) except – this is big – you send the mailer to us from within your desktop application, just as if you were printing to your office printer. Send print files of your documents from your PC directly to Click2Mail for printing and mailing, all with just a click of the “Print” button.  

Learn more about how Click2Mail customers save time and money with MailJack™ in these two recent articles: Why Take the Time To Do Your Own Printing (And Pay for Postage And Mailing) When You Now Have MailJack™? and As Easy As Clicking “Print” - Click2Mail Introduces MailJack™.

Software providers partner with Click2Mail MailJack™

MailJack™ works as an add-on print driver with most programs (when users download MailJackT™ from, but we’re also offering the opportunity for software developers to add MailJack™ into their programs directly. 

The developer of accounting software, for example, adds MailJack™ into the program as a printing option so that users can print invoices either to their office printer or directly to Click2Mail.  Or the developer of a desktop newsletter publishing program adds MailJack™ into their newest release, offering customers a way to print high-quality, professional-looking newsletters right from the program.

Win for you, win for your customers

For developers, adding MailJack™ into your software is another way that you can make life easier (and less expensive) for your customers – it’s an added benefit you can feature.  For end-users, MailJack™ takes all the hassle out of, say, sending monthly invoices, because we do the printing, the envelope addressing and stuffing, the stamping, and the mailing.  Plus, MailJackTM allows users to have their documents professionally printed, as easily as clicking “Print.”

Explore the partnership opportunity with us

If you develop software programs from which users print, you can offer users an extra benefit with the MailJackT™ printing option.  To explore the benefits of a partnership with Click2Mail in more detail, contact Karla at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).