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Reach International Markets with Maileva

May 07, 2012

Reach International Markets with Maileva:

Global Mail Is Just a Click Away


By now, you've probably heard about Click2Mail's new partnership with Maileva, which allows our customers to quickly and easily mail into Europe.  You simply go online to upload your mailer just as you do now with Click2Mail's domestic mail services.  After you’ve finished your order and paid, your mailer will be printed and mailed in France by Maileva and La Poste.


Everyone here at Click2Mail is excited about this new offering, and we think it provides some great opportunities for our customers.  One reason we know how useful Maileva can be is that we've used it ourselves!  Just a few days ago, the CEO of Click2Mail took advantage of Click2Mail's new partnership with Maileva to send a mailpiece to Germany.  Lee placed the order through on Sunday and it arrived in the recipient's mailbox on Tuesday.  As anyone who has mailed internationally before knows, that's insanely fast!


Through Click2Mail and Maileva you can create and send mailpieces to as few as 1 and as many as 30,000 recipients in France and across Europe.  Your documents will be printed within a day, and then stuffed, stamped, and delivered to their final destinations within 1-2 days. 


How can you take advantage of Click2Mail's partnership with Maileva?  Consider these examples:

  • An exclusive resort in the southwestern U.S. caters to European leisure travelers.  The resort's staff created a mailer to let customers know about some new amenities at the facility, and then used Maileva to affordably reach their European prospects.
  • A U.S.-based company with significant European operations uses Maileva to send routine corporate documents and paperwork from the U.S. to Europe.  The company also takes advantage of Maileva's "Lettre Recommandée Electronique" service (the French equivalent of the USPS's Certified Mail service) when they need proof of delivery in France, with tracking information easily accessible online.
  • A private college in the U.S. with a large number of alumni living abroad wanted to send an annual fundraising letter.  Through Maileva, the school was able to send a letter to all its European alumni encouraging them to donate to their alma mater. 
  • And businesses aren't the only ones who can benefit from an affordable international mailing solution. Consumers with friends or family in Europe can use Maileva's services to keep in touch with their loved ones, whether they're sending a single piece of personal mail or an annual holiday letter to dozens of individuals. 


Interested in learning more about mailing internationally through Click2Mail? Visit our International mail page or give us a call at 1-866-665-2787.