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Reach More Prospects - New Movers List

Aug 07, 2011

Are You Reaching All Your Potential Prospects?

In March we wrote about a new type of mailing list called the New Movers List (see New Movers List: Be the 1st in the Mailbox). We’re getting lots of questions from our small business customers about the list’s subscription feature.  So here we’ll explain how you can use the subscription feature of the New Movers List to bring in new customers and clients.

Your first step is to purchase the New Movers List.  You’ll get a list of all of the people within the geographic boundaries and with the other characteristics you’ve selected who have moved within the last six months.  Which is good (read why here). 

But then – and here’s where it gets really good – you can subscribe, for free, to be notified when new movers are added to the list.  When you receive the notification, you can decide whether or not you want to purchase the new additions to the list.

That way, you know within one week that you have a new mover in your target audience.  You can then send out a direct mailer right away, and really be the first in that person’s mailbox.  Why does that matter?  New movers, research shows, spend more on goods and services in the first three months following their move than non-movers do in an entire five year period.

Indeed, small businesses of all types have really succeeded with direct mail campaigns based on the New Movers List.  One neighborhood restaurant, for example, used the New Movers List to catch new customers.  All the local residents knew that the restaurant tucked inconspicuously into the strip mall was by far the best around.  The owners were always there (and really friendly).  The prices were fair, and the food was out-of-this-world. 

Problem was, the location wasn’t one that would attract passers-by.  People had to know about it.  For years the owners simply relied on their existing customers for word-of-mouth marketing.  But when the recession hit, that simply wasn’t enough.

So the owners decided to design a targeted direct mail campaign for all new movers into the area within a two-mile radius of the restaurant.  They segmented the list into those people with kids at home and those without.  To new movers with no kids they mailed a coupon for a free appetizer during happy hour.  To new movers with kids at home they mailed a “family night out” $10-off coupon.

When the restaurant owners sent their initial mailing to all people in those target demographics who had moved within the last six months, the saw a fairly immediate increase in new diners (who continue to come back – and tell their friends about the restaurant). 

And the owners have continued to mail using the New Movers List – they subscribed to the free notifications; when they’re notified of new movers in their target demographic they purchase the additions and send a targeted postcard to them.

Think about the last time you moved to a new area.  You didn’t know that one neighborhood restaurant had a great happy hour and the best pizza in town.  Which dry cleaner was best.  That the local home goods supply store beat the big box retailers hands down.  The people who have just moved into your neighborhood don’t know, either.  So take advantage of the New Movers List and be the first to tell them about your business.

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