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Revolutions in B2B Direct Mail: Priority Mail Plus

Mar 08, 2010

Revolutions in B2B Direct Mail: Priority Mail Plus

Last month a cardboard UPS Express Envelope, similar to Priority Mail, was found sitting outside our door. It was addressed to Click2Mail’s founder and CEO, Lee Garvey. The folks in the mailroom, and then the folks up in Lee’s office all had the same reaction, “This must be important.”
We found out from Lee later that the envelope contained a 3-page letter from his mortgage company offering a new, lower interest rate if he refinanced.  It was so effective at getting our attention, and quickening our pace as we delivered it straight to the CEO, that we wanted to see how much it cost to send such an envelope via UPS.  The answer?  $17.31!
We were a little stunned by the steep price, but the mortgage company clearly finds it a cost-effective way to reach out to its customers with new offerings – their response rate has got to be really high, to make the high cost pay off.
We were also really excited to realize just what an incredible deal our Priority Mail Plus is.
Like the UPS envelope, Priority Mail Plus really stands out. But unlike UPS, it has three unique advantages:

1)   Priority Mail Plus through Click2Mail is a quarter of the cost ($4.75) of the UPS mailer.  (Click here to use the Click2Mail Cost Estimator to price out your printing and Priority Mail Plus shipping cost.)

2)   Because we’re certified by the U.S. Postal Service to produce official USPS Priority Mail labels, our Priority Mail Plus is delivered directly into your prospects’ mailboxes – a distinct advantage over their doorstep.

3)   Priority Mail looks and feels really important.  Often it’s used to send time-sensitive documents and legal paperwork.  That means it glides through every mail filter.  No getting stuck in the mailroom or at the assistant’s desk, and with Delivery Confirmation included, you know precisely when it got delivered.

How to use Priority Mail Plus

Priority Mail Plus is a powerful business-to-business direct mail tool, precisely because it carries a sense of importance and urgency so it glides past traditional office mail filters (many offices screen out mail in the mailroom, and then many executive assistants do an additional screening of the executive’s mail).
Using a business-to-business mailing list <>  (like the ones Click2Mail offers) you can hone in on your target prospect and then personalize this uniquely visible mailer with your prospects’ name, title, company, and other important information.  Or, you can use Priority Mail Plus the way our CEO’s mortgage company did, to target your existing high-value customers with valuable new offers.
Whether you’re mailing to a new list of prospects or to your current in-house list, with Click2Mail, you can do it at the USPS commercial Priority Mail rate – so it’s even more discounted than before.
For uniquely visible, highly-effective business-to-business mailings at a fraction of the cost, use Click2Mail Priority Mail Plus.  Get started today. <>

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