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Schedule a Webinar with Click2Mail

Jun 04, 2012

Managing a direct mail campaign that works requires some know-how, from understanding how to develop a great list to making decisions about design and personalization. So to help our customers get the most out of Click2Mail's complete range of products and services, we regularly host free webinars. 


These 30-minute online workshops can help you get started with your first mailing or let you know more about tools you can use to make your campaigns even better. In the next couple of months, we have a few exciting webinars on tap, including; 


  • Introduction to Click2Mail – Learn the basics of creating direct mail, newsletters, and professional-looking correspondence with Click2Mail's turnkey system.
  • Mailing List Rentals: How to Get Your Money's Worth Using the Click2Mail List Interface – Learn about the different types of mailing lists Click2Mail offers and how to determine which one is right for your campaign, as well as how to order your list online in just a few minutes.
  • Mail Merge: How and Why? Increase Advertising Effectiveness by Personalizing your Mailpiece – Find out how Click2Mail's system lets you easily personalize every piece of direct mail you send out with a simple-to-use, online mail merge function. We'll also show you how Click2Mail's mail merge function can make your monthly mailing tasks (such as sending invoices) simpler and more affordable.

View the complete list of upcoming webinars and get information on how to register. 


Don't see the topic you're interested in on our webinar schedule? Don't worry. We're always happy to conduct a private, custom webinar for a group. Consider these examples: 


  • We recently hosted a webinar for a chain of franchised hair salons. The attendees were franchisees who had a chance to learn about how easy and affordable direct mail marketing could be through Click2Mail. 
  • Perhaps your organization wants to show some of your employees how Click2Mail's MailJack service makes it easier to send routine correspondence straight from your desktop to Click2Mail for mailing – no printing, folding, stuffing or stamping required. 
  • Some businesses and organizations might be interested in a webinar that explains how they can use Click2Mail's custom APIs to integrate their existing systems (such as your CRM or ERP software) directly into our cloud-based mailing solution. 


We're always in the process of updating and designing new webinars. If there's a topic that you'd like to see covered in a future presentation, let us know! If you have a question, other people probably do too. We'd like to help you get the answers you need so that you can get all you can out of Click2Mail's various offerings. Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with your webinar suggestions.