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New and Improved Flyers and Self-Mailers, Plus 10% Off

May 05, 2011

Our New Paper Gives Your Self-Mailers Serious Impact - Now Get 10% Off

When you want to impress your readers, quality paper stock can make a big difference. That's why we've upgraded the paper we use for your flyer and booklet self-mailers.

In late March, we started using more substantial 80-pound offset stock with a satin finish, similar to what you see in upscale brochures and magazines. (For those who know paper, that's equivalent to the 32-pound grade of paper used for stylish envelopes for formal events.) What it says to your mail recipients is that your piece contains important information with lasting value that's worth their time reading - and worth keeping for future reference.

Even before this upgrade, our self-mailers packed a powerful marketing punch. From one to eight pages, they're less expensive than mailers placed inside an envelope. And with powerful headlines and bold, colorful images visible at first touch, they grab your target readers' attention right at the mailbox. And now, for a limited time, we're offering a 10% discount on our full color self-mailers (LT21). To take advantage of it, enter coupon code COLORFUL10 when you check out.

Ideal for newsletters, employee updates, short product announcements and event announcements, flyer self-mailers are great for moving people to quick action, driving traffic (to your store or your website), and generating leads. They're also a top choice for quickly grabbing the attention of people who work in "stand-up" industries, like nurses, production managers, or retailers.

If you're planning to layout and design your flyer self-mailer yourself and would like some tips, check out our recent article Mail Design Part 2: Your Flyer Self-Mailer. Here's the CliffsNotes version: 1) Remember your purpose; Involve your audience; 3) Make it easy to get in touch; 4) Make smart use of every inch; 5) Include your customers; 6) Keep it simple; 7) Benefits, benefits, benefits; 8) Call to action; 9) Leverage the power of imagery; and 10) Keep it organized.

Booklet self-mailers are for you if you've got a lot of information to deliver in detail. They're best suited for catalogs, brochures, reports, in-depth newsletters and other multi-page documents, because space isn't generally an issue. Booklets consist of pages in multiples of four: letter-sized pages printed side-by-side on a 17" by 11" sheet of paper and V-folded.

For some detailed ideas on how best to layout and design your booklet self-mailer, see Mail Design Part 3: Your Booklet. Here's the short version: 1) Create a compelling cover; 2) Make your layout, design, and content, work for you; 3) Build on a theme; 4) Use artwork effectively; 5) Be valuable; 6) Make it personal; and 7) Include all the important details.

At Click2Mail, we believe that personalized mail is smart marketing. Our Mailing Online Editor allows you to easily personalize your flyer self-mailer or booklet self-mailer by using data from your mailing list - similar to "mail-merge." This allows you to integrate information such as a customer name, salutation, account number, balance due, appointment date, and so on.

Need help with your self-mailer? Click2Mail offers you three ways to get it:

  • The Click2Mail Knowledgebase answers most general and how-to questions
  • A program-specific Help Menu is available after you sign into your account
  • Our experts are standing by Monday-Friday, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time at 866-665-2787 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

And remember, for a limited time only, you'll get a 10% discount on full color self-mailer orders. Enter coupon code COLORFUL10 when you check out.