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The New Click2Mail Real Property List

Feb 04, 2010

We’re excited to announce that we recently added a new list to our Click2Mail Mailing Center.  It’s a list of real property owners across the U.S. and offers more than 59 million records.

All about theClick2Mail Real Property List
• A comprehensive residential real estate list sourced from county recorder and assessor records
• Lists true, verified homeowners, not inferred homeowners from modeled data
• Includes selects such as number of bedrooms, estimated equity, and presence of a pool and fireplace

Market to property owners based on the characteristics of the property rather than the characteristics of the household.  Segment any portion of the list to find your best prospects.  Get started with the Click2Mail Real Property List today.

Why buy a list from Click2Mail?
• With a minimum requirement of just 100 records, testing different lists is cost-effective (it’s just another way that we treat our small business clients like big ones!)
• All of Click2Mail’s lists – including our new Real Property List – are less expensive than market average
• Together with Mailing Online, Click2Mail’s Mailing List Center is a quick, turnkey direct mail solution.  Once you’ve purchased your list, simply upload it to Mailing Online and “Click to Mail!”
• All of Click2Mail’s lists are standardized and cleaned, so you get maximum results on your direct mail investment

It’s long been said that nearly half of a direct mail campaign’s success owes to the list (in other words, it better be a good one).  But what makes a good list has changed, a lot.  Today, a list must enable the marketer to create highly targeted, personalized mailers – really, the only kind that work anymore.

Click2Mail’s Mailing Lists, including the new Real Property List, make creating relevant, personalized messages easy and cost-effective
Get started today.  Call us at 1-866-665-2787.
Follow us to, new targeted lists will be added soon!

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