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The US Postal Service, Click2Mail, and You

Oct 02, 2011

While the US Postal Service Is In Flux, Click2Mail Continues to Make Mail Easy

It’s hard to escape all the chatter about how the US Postal Service (USPS) is going to increase fees or cut services. The news used to be that the price of a first class postage stamp was going to increase from one cent to three cents or to ship an express package was going to cost the price of a take-out lunch. The latest news is about closing post offices.

Indeed, the USPS has announced the possible closing of some post offices and operation facilities. And while these changes will inevitably affect some USPS services, we want to assure you that they will not affect the service you get from Click2Mail.  We will continue to provide the same fast turnaround, high-quality printing and mailing services we always have.

Click2Mail will be here for you.  Since 2003 Click2Mail has provided product design, printing and mailing services – everything you need for an easy and effective direct mail campaign. One of the ways we keep our costs low for you is through our partnerships with the USPS.  Those partnerships – and the benefits to you – will remain the same.

Mail still matters. Study after study show the continued effectiveness of direct mail to generate response.  But there’s no doubt that the rise of the Internet has changed the extent to which businesses and individuals use mail.  And that has significantly impacted the USPS.  At Click2Mail, we work within that dynamic environment to offer you the benefits of direct mail at the lowest cost with the greatest convenience.

Extra convenience in an inconvenient world.  Click2Mail has always existed to make mail easy.  Our model allows you to procure a list, design a mailer, print, and mail all from the comfort of your office or home.  No driving to the printer.  No driving to the post office.  With Click2Mail, you get all of that online at  So if your nearby post office closes or reduces its hours, rely on Click2Mail for the convenience you need in an increasingly inconvenient world.

Questions about how Click2Mail makes mail easy?  Give our customer service support staff a call toll free at 866-665-2787 or e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).