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Three Punch Mobile Mobile Marketing Knockout

Feb 05, 2012


Three-Punch Mobile Marketing Knockout: QR Codes, Mobile Websites, and Direct Mail


By now, we’ve all heard of QR codes, smartphones, and mobile websites.  And of course we know our old standby direct mail as a marketing tool.  But what’s new, and incredibly powerful, is using all three in combination – working together to generate powerful results for your business.  Here’s what you need to know.


QR codes can be powerful response drivers, if they’re used properly.  The “QR” means Quick Response and that is indeed what QR codes provide.  Instead of having to go to the computer to visit a website or pick up the telephone to call, your target audience can respond immediately to your call to action by scanning the code on their smartphone.  That’s a powerful benefit, but it has to be used right.  Putting a QR code on a 50-foot-tall billboard, for example, doesn’t make any sense at all. Similarly, directing people to a website that doesn’t appear well on a smartphone is a waste of the powerful QR code tool.


Smart direct mail design means integration with digital media.  We all recognize that this is the 21st century and your target audience interacts with your brand in different ways than they did even a decade ago.  But just because it’s the “digital age” doesn’t mean that all other forms of communication are passé.  To the contrary, research continues to show high responses to direct mail when it’s designed smartly.  And part of that “smart” design includes integrating direct mail with other forms of media -–from email to YouTube to your website.  


Increasingly, “smart” mail design means integrating your direct mail campaign with media that your recipients can access via their smartphone (42% of adult Americans have smartphones, and nearly all of them use their phones to visit websites).  In other words, it means developing a mobile-friendly website that your direct mail target audience can access and use on their smartphones – wherever, whenever.


Combining the power of QR codes with digital media and direct mail is a three-punch knockout.  When you combine the power of QR codes used wisely with direct mail that’s integrated with digital media, you have a solution that can really boost response.  Here’s how it works: The direct mail piece (postcard, letter, flyer, whatever) is your initial contact with the recipient – the means by which you’re getting the word out.  That mailer includes a QR code with instructions for the recipient to scan the code with their smartphone.  Scanning the QR code takes the recipient right to your mobile-friendly website.


So you’ve cut response time down to almost zero (the mail recipient does all this standing right there at the mailbox or kitchen counter) by integrating direct mail, QR codes, and a mobile website.  And best of all, Click2Mail makes it incredibly easy and affordable.  Get started generating results today. 


Building a mobile-ready website doesn’t have to be a giant effort (or expense).  Building a website is typically a time-intensive, expensive effort.  That’s not the case with mobile websites from Click2Mail.  Our mobile websites have the simplest setup ever.  You don’t need to know a single think about building a website in order to build your mobile website through Click2Mail; you really don’t have to have a technical bone in your body. That said, we will absolutely help walk you through the process, and we’ll even do it for you if you prefer.  


Of course, Mobile Marketing from Click2Mail is much more than a mobile-friendly website.  It’s a system that enables you to integrate QR codes, direct mail, and a mobile website for that three-punch knockout.  And in addition to being incredibly easy to set up and use, it’s also incredibly affordable: prices start at just $9.95 per month.  Learn more about Click2Mail Mobile Marketing and get your own three-punch knockout system today.