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Who Needs a Mailing List?

Nov 07, 2011

Do You Need a Mailing List?  Why You Might, and How to Get One

We’ve been writing a lot lately about Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), which allows you to mail to every address on a postal carrier route, so you don’t need a mailing list.  We’ve talked about all the ways that EDDM can benefit local businesses.  But those benefits don’t erase the fact that for many businesses, in many situations, a mailing list is essential.

Who needs a mailing list, and why?

1. Non-local and/or non-general?
  You might need a mailing list.  Every Door Direct Mail is referred to as saturation mailing because you’re saturating a geographic area with your mailer (it goes to every address).  EDDM, then, works great for local businesses that serve a very broad demographic in any given location.  Think local restaurants or dry cleaners or video stores.

But if your business is either non-local (you don’t serve customers in a single given area) and/or non-general (you serve a very particular demographic) then a mailing list will likely make much more sense that saturation mailing.  Say, for example, you’re a mortgage company specializing in loans to first time homebuyers – you might buy a list of renters with incomes above a certain level.  Or you’re a high-end interior design firm – you might target homeowners with homes valued above a certain amount who have recently moved in.

2. Business-to-business?  You might need a mailing list.  If you sell your product or service to other businesses, a mailing list that contains only businesses is probably your most economical way to send direct mail.  One accounting firm, for example, wanted to sign new clients for its monthly payroll service.  The firm bought a list of all of the newly incorporated businesses with 2 or more employees in the city and sent a personalized letter to each new business owner explaining the benefits the firm offers newly incorporated businesses.  Because the mailer was so highly targeted and personalized for each recipient, the accounting firm got a 2% response rate.  Every caller was exactly the kind of new client the firm was looking for (that was the point of the highly targeted list), and they all came in for a free consultation.  The firm met its goal of 5 new clients, and its ROI was an outstanding 2000%.

3.  Want to clone your most valuable customers?
  You might need a mailing list.  One way to maximize the return on your direct mail investment is to target the highest-value prospects (those who will buy the most from you and keep coming back).  How do you find those prospects?  By “cloning” your most valuable customers.  First, decide who your most valuable customers are – are they the ones who spend the most in your store?  Or those who purchase the highest-value items?  Or the ones who have been shopping with you the longest?  Then look to your in-house mailing list to find the attributes of those customers that you want to clone.  Do they live in a particular zip code?  Are they within a certain age range?  Do they share a similar profession?  Those are the attributes you’ll want to select when you purchase your prospect list.

Which list is right for you?

If you decide that you need a mailing list, Click2Mail offers a full range of options that allow you to target your key prospects.  Visit the Click2Mail Mailing List Center for details and to get started today, but broadly these are the targeted lists that we offer:

  • Consumer Acxiom New Homeowners List – For marketers of home-related products and services, this database contains a selection of more than 1.4 million consumers who have purchased new homes in the past 6 months. Updated on a weekly basis.
  • Consumer Acxiom New Movers List – More than 6 million consumers who have moved in the past 6 months. This targeted segment of the InfoBase-X Consumer Database is ideal for a long list of new products and services that consumers need to help them adapt to a new location, household, and lifestyle.  Updated on a weekly basis.
  • Consumer InfoBase-X Consumer List – A comprehensive list of consumers including 147 million-plus households and 216 million-plus individuals that is rebuilt 
every two months from public real estate data, other compiled lists, and telephone directories (refined to reduce duplicates).
  • Consumer Acxiom Real Property List – A comprehensive list including 59 million-plus properties and 48 million-plus property owners –more than 75% of the Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the US. These are verified homeowners (not inferred homeowners from modeled data) culled from county recorder and assessor files.
  • Business InfoBase-X Business List – A comprehensive list of businesses with key firmagraphic information (organizational characteristics). Records are processed using Acxiom's proven business rules and proprietary systems to produce complete, standardized addresses with a minimum of duplicate records.

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