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Why Mail in April?

Mar 01, 2010

Why Mail in April? Great Mailer Ideas for the First Full Month of Spring

April is the first full month of spring.  And, like the new birds testing out their wings and new flowers budding, it’s time to reawaken your direct mail campaign.  There are a number of great reasons for you to mail your customers and prospects this month.  Read on for ideas of when, and what, you might mail.

Beginning of the second quarter
The DMA Best Practices report reveals that more companies mail regularly than mail for specific holidays or seasonal promotions (read about that report here).  April marks the beginning of the second quarter – a good time to put out that regular mailer (if you don’t mail monthly, you should at least mail once a quarter to keep yourself at the front of your customers’ and prospects’ minds).

Beginning of Spring
Spring sprung at the end of March.  The birds have begun chirping, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining.  But you don’t have to run a gardening business to take advantage of the beginning of Spring.  Maybe it’s as simple as incorporating some bright colors or floral themes in your next mailer.  Or maybe you tie your headline in to the concept of “fresh” starts.

April 15th is Tax Day
As the old saying goes, the only two things in life we have to do are die and pay taxes.  In addition to being universally required to take part in the April 15th tradition, most people are united in their general dislike of it.  Take the opportunity to give your customers a “much needed break” – maybe it’s a free drink with the purchase of a meal, or a special “We can all use one” discount on their next purchase.

April 21st is Administrative Professional’s Day
Administrative Professional’s Day is a huge gift- and card-giving holiday.  If you are in a relevant business, encourage your customers to show their appreciation for their administrative professionals.  Now is the time to mail that promotion so your recipients can take action before the April 21st holiday.

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo

Planning and implementing your mail campaigns can take a while, so now is the time to start thinking about May, too.  Tequila, tacos, and the traditional Mexican musicians, mariachis, are probably the most celebrated symbols of the May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, holiday.  Send a fun, festive “Hola” to your customers or prospects.  If it makes sense, host a promotion with music, or a tequila tasting.  You don’t have to be a Mexican restaurant to take advantage of the 5th of May.

May 9th is Mother’s Day
Almost everyone celebrates Mother’s Day.  If your business sells gifts, flowers, cards, or other Mother’s Day-relevant items, mail customers and prospects a special offer.  If you run a restaurant or other place where Moms might celebrate, invite families to pre-plan their Mom’s special day.  If you run a spa, salon, women’s store, or similar business, think about mailing a special offer “just for Moms.”

Take advantage of less-mailed holidays, like Tax Day or Cinco de Mayo, to reach customers and prospects who are inundated with mail on more traditional holidays.  Creating a relevant mailer around Cinco de Mayo or Tax Day also forces you to be more creative (than if you were mailing for, say, Mother’s Day) – which means your mail is more likely to stand out, get noticed, and make a difference.

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