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Why Mail in April? Kick Off the Second Quarter

Apr 01, 2013


The first few months of the year are already gone, which means that it's time to gear up for your second quarter mailings and late spring marketing campaigns. Whether you're reminding your customers to celebrate Earth Day or sending a friendly note about everyone's least favorite day – tax day – April is the perfect time to get in touch with your customers and prospects. 


Read on to find out how a few of Click2Mail's customer's have had success with their direct mail campaigns in April. 


Beginning of the Second Quarter – Anna works for her city's chamber of commerce, where one of her responsibilities is creating the organization’s quarterly print newsletter. After gathering all of the articles and working with a volunteer designer to put together the newsletter, she goes online to to have everything printed. The whole process couldn't be easier. Using Mailing Online Pro, all she has to do is upload the newsletter file and the chamber’s mailing list, and then Click2Mail handles the rest – printing and mailing the newsletter the next business day so that it gets into the hands of the organization’s members as quickly as possible. That quick turnaround is a huge perk for Anna, since she's sometimes in a rush to get the newsletter out on schedule. 


Tax Day – April 15th, 2013. A lot of people wait until the last possible minute to mail their tax return. Jeff, who owns a small chain of mailing stores and copy shops, decided to put together a direct mail campaign that would grab the attention of those last-minute filers. Since lines at the post office are usually long on April 15, Jeff wanted to let people know that they could visit his stores to make copies of their paper returns and mail them to the IRS, without having to wait in a long line. 


Jeff designed a 6.25 x 11 postcard that featured a catchy slogan on the front. On the back, he included information about his store’s hours and services. There were several versions of the card, each highlighting a different store location. Jeff then used Every Door Direct Mail to affordably mail the postcards to addresses in neighborhoods close to the store (people received a direct mail piece with the address of the location closest to their home). The response to Jeff's mailer was great. His tax-day business was up from the previous year, and several customers mentioned how nice it was not to have to wait in a long line at the local post office. 


Earth Day – April 22nd, 2013. If you have a green-friendly business, tying a mailing to Earth Day is a no-brainer. But even businesses that aren’t traditionally “green” can build a mailing around this yearly celebration of the planet. Consider John, a financial advisor. He wanted to remind his clients that they could opt to get their account statements and other updates digitally rather than on paper, thus reducing waste. 


John drafted a letter to his clients who hadn’t already signed up for electronic statement delivery. In the letter, he reminded recipients that Earth Day was coming up, and then shared some information about how they could change how they received their statements. Then, using Click2Mail's MailJack print-to-mail service, printing and mailing the letter was as easy as clicking “Print”– truly an efficient solution for a time-strapped professional! After the mailing went out, several of John's clients switched over to electronic statements, which saves John time and money (since he has fewer paper statements to print and mail), and also benefits the environment.  


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Whenever you mail, whatever the occasion, Click2Mail is here to make it quick and easy. Visit today to get started. And if you’re looking to plan your direct mail campaigns beyond the month of April, look no further than Click2Mail's Annual Mailing Calendar. For your copy, send an e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).