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Why Mail This Month?  If You Mail Ever, Mail in December

Dec 01, 2011

Why Mail This Month?  If You Mail Ever, Mail in December

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and caroling out in the snow.”  Some of the best things about the holiday season, no doubt.  But December is perfect, too, for sending direct mail.

December holidays.  It’s not too late to launch your December holiday mailing campaign.  The holidays make a great “excuse” for sending mail to your customers and prospects.  You don’t have to be particularly creative about coming up with a message (we’ve done that for you) and we offer a wide range of beautifully-designed holiday greeting cards, postcards, and picture letters – among all the options.

Whether you’re sending a last-minute gift-buying guide booklet, a coupon postcard, a reminder to start planning for 2012, or a simple Season’s Greetings holiday card, it’s best to be “holiday-neutral” – that is, to avoid sounding like you’re promoting one religious holiday or another.  Some religious holiday dates in 2011 to be aware of:

•    Hanukkah begins December 20th
•    Christmas is on December 25th
•    Kwanzaa begins December 26th

Mailing mid-month is the safest bet to avoid offending customers of one religion or another.  That said, December 26th, the day after Christmas, is a huge shopping day, and most retailers have big sales.  If you’re promoting your own, call it a “December 26th sale” or a “post-holidays sale” to avoid offending.

First Day of Winter – December 22nd.  If you want to mail in December, but prefer not to tie your mailer to the “holidays” consider a “First Day of Winter” celebration.  But remember, mailboxes are jam-packed this time of year, so you’ll have to be both incredibly creative and compelling (valuable) to have an impact.

End of the year.  For many firms, especially those that sell products or services to other businesses, December is much more about the end of the year (and all that entails) than it is about the holidays.  Think about sending an “End of the year guide” explaining what a business should do to properly close out the year.  Target and personalize your booklet for each client or prospect.  (Click2Mail can help you build a highly targeted mailing list.)

Whenever you mail, whatever the occasion, Click2Mail is here to make it quick and easy.  Visit today to get started.  And if you’re looking to plan your direct mail campaigns beyond the month of December, look no further than Click2Mail's Annual Mailing Calendar (now updated for 2012!).  For your copy, send an e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).