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Why Mail this Month?  Take Advantage of New Beginnings

Jan 12, 2010

For most of us, January is a time to start anew.  We make our list of resolutions – all the things we wish we had done differently last year and resolve to “get it right” this year.  For businesses, too, January is a time of new beginnings – a new budget, a new strategic plan, a new outlook. 

So whether you sell to individuals or businesses, January is a great time to capitalize on this “new beginning.”  Some ideas you might consider implementing in your direct mail pieces this month include:
•    How customers’ New Year’s resolutions could be easily fulfilled with your product or service
•    Make your clients aware of important dates in 2010 (including new deadlines)
•    Explain how your product or service can fit within your clients’ 2010 business plans

In addition, Monday, January 18th commemorates the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.  You might consider sending a direct mail piece that plays on the concepts of freedom, perseverance, courage, or leadership – all qualities embodied by Dr. King.