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Why Mail this Month? Why Mail in March?

Mar 01, 2012

By the time March rolls around, most people are more than ready to shake off the winter doldrums and embrace the beginning of Spring. Even if it's still chilly where you are, you can take advantage of people's desire for something new. Use direct mail to get your customers and prospects excited about the coming season by encouraging them to act in some way, whether it's coming in to check out a Spring sale, scheduling a free consultation, or booking an appointment.


When developing your direct mail campaigns for March, keep the following in mind:


  • Keep it simple. You only have a few seconds to capture the recipient's attention, so make sure it's easy for them to understand what you're offering. Make sure you're using words like "new" "sales" and "FREE" effectively.


  • Review your mailing list to be sure it's up-to-date. If you're thinking about a new list, Click2Mail can help. Call 1-866-665-2787 or visit our Mailing List Center.


  • Make sure you've given the recipient enough information so they can respond. Ideally, your call to action has a deadline - to urge recipients to act now (before it's too late!).


  • Don't forget to include your address, phone number, and/or website URL. Consider incorporating Click2Mail's Mobile Marketing into your direct mail campaign by including a QR code on the piece that directs prospects to your mobile website.


When designing your direct mail campaign for March, don't forget to think about how you will measure the success of your mailer. For example, if you want to entice people to come into your store and buy a new product, include a coupon with a code specific to that mailer. Keeping track of the codes on the coupons your customers redeem, you can gauge how many responded to your mailer. If you're asking your mail recipient to take an action like call for an appointment or free consultation, make sure that the associates answering the phone ask what prompted the call.


So those are some direct mail strategy tips. Here's a list of great mailing opportunities in March:


Daylight Savings Time begins - March 11. It's easy to forget Daylight Savings Time. Help your customers out - and remind them of what you have to offer - by sending them a postcard reminder to "Spring forward" on March 11.


St. Patrick's Day - March 17. Everyone's at least a little bit Irish - and a little bit lucky - on St. Patrick's Day. Think about leveraging the "luck" theme in your direct mail by sending a letter telling your clients and customers how lucky you are to have them. Or, you can offer them the opportunity to save a little "green" by including coupons in your mailer that they can redeem in-store.


March Madness - March 13 through April 2. March Madness, the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, is like the Super Bowl for college basketball fans. Leverage the opportunity to tell your customers, even if your business isn't sports-related, that you're "Mad" about them, perhaps with a full-color jumbo postcard. If your business is sports-related, think about a special promotion you could mail to tie in to the big event.


First Day of Spring - March 20. The birds begin chirping, the flowers bloom, the sun shines. But you don't have to run a gardening business to take advantage of the beginning of Spring. Maybe it's as simple as incorporating some bright colors or floral themes in your next mailer. Or maybe you tie your headline in to the concept of "fresh" starts.


National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day - March 29. If you have small business clients, celebrate them in March, perhaps with a special "Small Business Appreciation sale" if you're a retailer. Or, if you provide a service, send a free special report designed specifically for small businesses. (Click2Mail offers self-mailing booklets perfect for that kind of report).


April Fool's Day - April 1. If it makes sense for your business, send a lighthearted "April Fool's" joke to your customers and prospects. If you're really creative (and bold), create an in-house "Fool's" event and promote it with a fun flyer self-mailer.


Anytime's a good time to mail, and March is certainly no exception. Visit today to get started. And if you're looking to plan your direct mail campaigns beyond the month of March, look no further than Click2Mail's Annual Mailing Calendar. For your copy, send an e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).