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Why Mail this Month? Why Mail in October?

Oct 01, 2012


Fall is in full swing, and with a new season comes a bevy of mailing opportunities. From fourth-quarter updates to World Series-themed marketing, there's sure to be reason to mail that makes sense for your business. 


Beginning of the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter begins in October, making it an ideal time to send that regular mailer, such as a quarterly flyer newsletter. Or use a reply letter to send out your annual customer satisfaction survey. (Generally, it's smart to mail at least once a quarter to keep yourself at the front of your customers’ and prospects’ minds.)


Early-bird holiday shoppers. While the leaves have only just started to change color, the biggest shopping season of the year is just around the corner. Our booklet mailers are perfect for catalogs that will catch the attention of early-bird holiday shoppers. Get tips on capitalizing on this incredible opportunity (when most businesses aren’t) in 4 Holiday Mail Tips You Can Use Today.


Columbus Day – October 8, 2012. A federal holiday, Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus’ maiden voyage to America in 1492. If you're a retailer, consider using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to send a postcard mailer to every address in a certain neighborhood inviting recipients to “explore great deals.” 


Boss's Day – October 16, 2012. For better or worse, most of us have a boss. And most of us want to keep that boss happy. Help your customers and prospects do that by celebrating National Boss’s Day. Send a mailer suggesting ways that people can celebrate their bosses (by buying your products, if they’re relevant). Or, if you own a restaurant, send a 12 x 4.5 EDDM mailer (the perfect size for menus) that reminds people to take their boss out to lunch.


Sweetest Day – October 20, 2012. Primarily celebrated in the Midwest and Northeast, Sweetest Day is a “sweet” mailing opportunity, particularly if you sell candy, baked goods or other treats. An eye-catching postcard will remind recipients to celebrate the sweetheart in their life. 


World Series – Begins October 24, 2012. Baseball is America's pastime, and even people who aren’t baseball fans can identify with the drama that plays out every year during the World Series – like in 2005, when the White Sox ended a title drought that had lasted for 87 years. If you're a restaurant or sports bar where fans are likely to watch the games, consider putting together a baseball-themed mobile marketing campaign, like a postcard mailer featuring a QR code that, when scanned, allows recipients to download a coupon. 


Halloween – October 31, 2012. Because Halloween is such a widely celebrated holiday, it’s easy to tie a mailer to it, no matter what your business. If you sell real estate, for example, you could use a message like “This Halloween, the zombies and monsters will be scary, but selling a home doesn’t have to be.” Insert whatever your product or service is in place of “selling a home” and you’ve got a relevant, themed mailer that articulates the benefit you offer your prospects. 


Not sure how to give your Halloween mailer the spooky look you want? Click2Mail offers graphic design services that will help your mailing piece really stand out in the mailbox. 


Daylight Savings Time ends – November 4, 2012. The days are getting shorter. At the end of October, send customers a reminder to “Fall back” on November 4th.


Election Day – November 6, 2012. Get your message in mailboxes in advance of the holiday barrage. Tie your mailer in to Election Day with a creative mailer that looks like a voting ballot. Ask your customers and prospects to “vote” for you (with their purchase, of course).


Whenever you mail, whatever the occasion, Click2Mail is here to make it quick and easy. Visit today to get started. And if you’re looking to plan your direct mail campaigns beyond the month of October, look no further than Click2Mail's Annual Mailing Calendar. For your copy, send an e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).