Guide to Invoice Print and Mail Services

Generating and sending invoices is an integral part of any business. But it is a real drain on resources. That’s why you need invoice print and mail services to save the day. 

To save time, outsourcing the printing and posting of invoices is a convenience that makes operations easier for your business. Not to mention, it is kinder on the pocket too. 

This article explains print and mail services, the benefits, and what to look for in a quality service provider. 

What are Print and Mail Services?
The manual printing and mailing of invoices to clients can take hours, if not days, depending on how big your business is. It can even often require you to hire employees just to handle this function. Moreover, it takes valuable time away from employees who have other roles that they need to fill. 

The automation of this process takes it all off your hands and gets it all done for you. This makes the process a lot faster and easier while saving you time and money – and sanity! 

Invoice print and mail services offer solutions to any invoice needs you may have. That ranges from personalized invoices for the VIPs in your circle to mass invoices that you need to get out quickly. The input from you extends to address lists and invoice details, and the service provider will automate the rest. 

The Benefits of Using Print and Mail Services

Reliable and Effective Mailing
Mailing out invoices to the physical addresses of clients can be a daunting prospect. It needs to be accurate and timeous to receive the necessary payment from clients by a certain date. Maintaining a consistent cash flow to the business is crucial so that you are not left in a difficult financial position. 

With an automated service, the mailing process will be fast and reliable. Client invoices are delivered on time and to the right addresses. You don’t have to worry about whether they have received them – or if their excuse for late payment is valid.

Easy Marketing
If you are using an automated mail service, why not use this to your advantage? Make the most of the posted letter by sneaking in a newsletter, coupon, service announcement, or some other upsell / cross sell offer.. It will reach your client and is a sure way to get marketing information across. 

This can be information regarding new products or services, discounts or specials, or updates on news and events. All you have to do is include it with the invoice template, and you have a two-in-one solution.

Save Time and Resources
If you are tasked with printing and mailing out invoices, this is probably taking hours away from your work day. With other administrative functions that need to be done in-house, there is every reason to explore outsourcing this tedious process. 

A service provider handles the printing and mailing of invoices. All you will need to do is provide the client information and invoice details that will fit into a template. 

This will not take up much time at all, and you can leave it with the provider to handle from then onwards. That’s just good old-fashioned ‘passing the buck’, which can actually streamline your company processes all the more. 

Reduce Error 
Manually printing and mailing invoices can also lead to errors. If you are on your 50th invoice of the day, it would be understandable if you confused a street number. Or added an extra zero at the end of an owed amount. Or worst of all, stuffed the wrong invoice into an envelope you addressed to someone else. You’re only human, after all.

An invoice print and mail service provider uses a sophisticated automated system that leaves little to no room for error in the production process. Addresses will be accessed and allocated verbatim, as are the invoice details. 

What to Look For in a Service Provider

Personalized Invoices
When invoicing clients, you want the template to stand out and create a professional impression of your business. This is more likely to retain existing clients, and even scout new ones. 

With an invoice print and mail service, a quality provider will offer a range of formatting options for your invoice. This makes it simple to add the relevant information and send out a standardized design to recipients. All you will need to do is add the details of the business, the recipient, and the invoice. Presto – you’ve made a great impression on your mailing list! 

Address Verification
Sending out invoices to the right address can come with its challenges. Clients might move to a new home, or they may jot down the incorrect spelling when they give you their information. Some may even try to actively avoid getting that invoice at the end of the month. 

An invoice print and mail service provider will standardize addresses to verify they are valid delivery addresses. In cases where the address is deliverable but someone has moved, you can use forwarding service or address service requested ancillary endorsement options. These help your invoice land in the right mailbox and also get updated address information about your client.

When you manually send out mail, there is often no way of knowing whether the intended recipient has received their invoice. With an automated service, this will no longer be a concern. 

The service providers should give you access to easily navigable, detailed tracing or tracking. Mailing invoices via first class mail through a print and mail service provider will help you confirm that your invoices have mailed and are moving through the postal mail delivery system. This is done with IMb tracing. 

If you opt for certified or even priority mail, your invoices will include end-to-end tracking. With this feature, you can confirm delivery dates, failed deliveries, and so on. 

This is ideal if you need to follow up on payments. It allows you to see when a client received their invoice in relation to the payment deadline. 

There are a lot of things to stress about when running a business. However, invoice printing and mailing should not be one of them. 

With a trusty invoice print and mail service provider like Click2Mail, this crucial process can go from boot to toot. We will handle the printing and mailing of the invoices to ensure punctual payment from your clients. Now, you can stay ahead of the curve with an efficient invoice print and mail service like ours at your fingertips.