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Have you ever wished that you could get the same kind of high-quality printed materials that Click2Mail prints and mails for you, but mail them yourself or use them as a handout for an event? Now you can, with Print & Ship – the latest in our line of “You asked for it!” service enhancements. Read more
If you think direct mail is “old school” and that digital is only for those born after 1982 you wouldn’t be alone. But you’d be wrong. Direct mail, especially when it’s integrated with our digital tools, is proven effective at reaching across generations. . . Read more
Grandparent’s Day is September 7th, so it’s a fitting month to talk about marketing to seniors. Baby Boomers and their parents make up the largest segment of the American population, and as a demographic have very different preferences when it comes to marketing. Here, read the stories of three senior care service providers who have found great success with direct mail. . . Read more
Summer is almost here! The heat is cranking, vacations are being planned, and so begins a busy season for auto industry professionals. From keeping in touch with your current customers to sending summer promotions for new customers, June is the perfect time to mail . . . Read more
About a year ago, the USPS mandated some changes to flyer self-mailers, which forced a change in our templates. Accommodating the change was a challenge for some of our customers, so we’ve developed a new template that meets USPS requirements and gives you all the benefits you’d come to love about flyer self-mailers. Find out about the new templates and how you can put flyer self-mailers to good use . . . Read more
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