Veterans Vincent and Teeca Rivera own a small painting company called Serenity Painting, LLC based in Johnstown, Colorado. Their services include interior/exterior painting and staining, decks and fences, and color consultations for both residential and commercial customers.

The Riveras used to advertise their business through packaged coupon mailers, where their ad went out in an envelope full of other businesses’ coupon advertisements, but it was expensive, and they weren’t seeing the kind of results that would have justified the expense. (Bluntly, Vincent said, “Small businesses that use those packaged coupon mailers are suckers.”

Then Vincent heard about Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), which is an incredibly affordable way to mail to every address in a given neighborhood. “I was going to a meeting and just happened to stop in at a Post Office where I noticed they were giving a class on EDDM. I decided to attend and I really liked what I heard. I decided to give it a try and I am so happy that I did,” Vincent explains.

Once the Riveras began using EDDM, they were shocked by the results. Now having marketed their company through EDDM for three months, Vincent explained: “We’ve sent out about 5,000 pieces and my goal was to get at least 50 sales. I’ve met and exceeded that; I’m getting calls and jobs from every mailing. This has been my busiest summer painting season!”

Benefits of EDDM

  • With Click2Mail’s EDDM, Vincent says, “I choose where I want my mail to go and I don’t have to compete with the other offers in the same envelope. Compared to Val Pak, my results with EDDM have been much better – I get a lot more bang for my buck.”
  • In addition, Vincent really appreciates being able to target specific areas with EDDM. “So after a recent hailstorm in a neighboring town I was able to design and send an EDDM mailer specifically offering to help people repaint hail damage. That makes my offer so much more valuable to the recipient. EDDM allows me to reach customers when they need my services the most.”

To date, the Riveras have been sending black-and-white mailers. For their next mailing, they plan to test a 1,000-piece color mailing, targeting the area hit by recent hailstorms. Already having achieved great results with the black-and-white EDDM mailer, the Riveras are justifiably excited to see the results of the more eye-catching color piece.

With EDDM, Vincent and Teeca have taken their direct mail marketing to a whole new level. They are reaching more customers, at the right times, and they no longer have to compete for those customers’ attention in the same envelope. The results say it all: The busiest painting season the Riveras have ever had.

EDDM is an easy, cost-efficient, and effective way to reach your target audience. For more information on EDDM and to set up your direct mailing today visit or call 1-866-665-2787.