Easy Ways to Segment Your Mailing List

Segmenting your mailing list can be a great way to personalize your communications, make the right offer to the right group at the right time. Targeting your audience more effectively with a personalized message is always more effective and lets your customer know you understand them and their needs.

Defining your best customer

Before you segment your list, it is always helpful to first identify and define your best customers and look for commonly shared factors that make them your best customer.

An easy place to start is to look a purchase history, frequency of visits, and engagement with our brand. Does your best customer respond to coupons? You can also look at customer feedback and reviews to determine who your most loyal customers are. You value all of your customers and strive to provide the best service and experience possible.

With these factors in mind, here are some easy ways to segment your mailing list:

  1. By demographic: Create segments based on age, gender, location, and more.
  2. By interests: Create segments based on the interests of your subscribers.
  3. By purchase history: Create segments based on what customers have purchased in the past.
  4. By engagement level: Create segments based on how subscribers interact with your direct mail offers.
  5. By content preferences: Create segments based on what type of content your subscribers like to receive.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you get started looking at your current list and then segmenting them into mailing lists or segments so that you can target your audience more effectively. Good luck!

Do you need help renting a mailing list? If you do, please contact Click2Mail Customer Support by email or call 866-665-6787. Our live support team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern.

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10 Reasons to Send Your Customer a Greeting Card Today

Mail is another way to connect with your customers. It is a unique way to “touch” your best customer outside a computer, and reach them in their home without being intrusive. The leave-behind value of a physical card can’t be beat! Mail is often shared with others that have like interest and could become your new customer!

Here are ten great reasons to create and send a card today:

  1. Sending a greeting card is a great way to show your customers they are valued and appreciated.
  2. It’s a great way to stay connected and build relationships with customers.
  3. It can be used to celebrate a customer’s special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.
  4. Sending a card can be a great way to thank customers for their business.
  5. It can be used to announce new products or services to customers.
  6. A card allows you to share your brand’s unique story or message.
  7. Sending cards can encourage customers to refer their friends or family to your business.
  8. It can show customers that you care about their feedback and suggestions.
  9. A card can be a great way to offer special discounts or promotions to customers.
  10. Sending a customer a card can be a thoughtful gesture during difficult times.

Need more information? Of if you have questions on how to get started to automate your greeting cards with Click2Mail, contact us at [email protected]l.com or call 866.665.2787.

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Guide to Invoice Print and Mail Services

Generating and sending invoices is an integral part of any business. But it is a real drain on resources. That’s why you need invoice print and mail services to save the day. 

To save time, outsourcing the printing and posting of invoices is a convenience that makes operations easier for your business. Not to mention, it is kinder on the pocket too. 

This article explains print and mail services, the benefits, and what to look for in a quality service provider. 

What are Print and Mail Services?
The manual printing and mailing of invoices to clients can take hours, if not days, depending on how big your business is. It can even often require you to hire employees just to handle this function. Moreover, it takes valuable time away from employees who have other roles that they need to fill. 

The automation of this process takes it all off your hands and gets it all done for you. This makes the process a lot faster and easier while saving you time and money – and sanity! 

Invoice print and mail services offer solutions to any invoice needs you may have. That ranges from personalized invoices for the VIPs in your circle to mass invoices that you need to get out quickly. The input from you extends to address lists and invoice details, and the service provider will automate the rest. 

The Benefits of Using Print and Mail Services

Reliable and Effective Mailing
Mailing out invoices to the physical addresses of clients can be a daunting prospect. It needs to be accurate and timeous to receive the necessary payment from clients by a certain date. Maintaining a consistent cash flow to the business is crucial so that you are not left in a difficult financial position. 

With an automated service, the mailing process will be fast and reliable. Client invoices are delivered on time and to the right addresses. You don’t have to worry about whether they have received them – or if their excuse for late payment is valid.

Easy Marketing
If you are using an automated mail service, why not use this to your advantage? Make the most of the posted letter by sneaking in a newsletter, coupon, service announcement, or some other upsell / cross sell offer.. It will reach your client and is a sure way to get marketing information across. 

This can be information regarding new products or services, discounts or specials, or updates on news and events. All you have to do is include it with the invoice template, and you have a two-in-one solution.

Save Time and Resources
If you are tasked with printing and mailing out invoices, this is probably taking hours away from your work day. With other administrative functions that need to be done in-house, there is every reason to explore outsourcing this tedious process. 

A service provider handles the printing and mailing of invoices. All you will need to do is provide the client information and invoice details that will fit into a template. 

This will not take up much time at all, and you can leave it with the provider to handle from then onwards. That’s just good old-fashioned ‘passing the buck’, which can actually streamline your company processes all the more. 

Reduce Error 
Manually printing and mailing invoices can also lead to errors. If you are on your 50th invoice of the day, it would be understandable if you confused a street number. Or added an extra zero at the end of an owed amount. Or worst of all, stuffed the wrong invoice into an envelope you addressed to someone else. You’re only human, after all.

An invoice print and mail service provider uses a sophisticated automated system that leaves little to no room for error in the production process. Addresses will be accessed and allocated verbatim, as are the invoice details. 

What to Look For in a Service Provider

Personalized Invoices
When invoicing clients, you want the template to stand out and create a professional impression of your business. This is more likely to retain existing clients, and even scout new ones. 

With an invoice print and mail service, a quality provider will offer a range of formatting options for your invoice. This makes it simple to add the relevant information and send out a standardized design to recipients. All you will need to do is add the details of the business, the recipient, and the invoice. Presto – you’ve made a great impression on your mailing list! 

Address Verification
Sending out invoices to the right address can come with its challenges. Clients might move to a new home, or they may jot down the incorrect spelling when they give you their information. Some may even try to actively avoid getting that invoice at the end of the month. 

An invoice print and mail service provider will standardize addresses to verify they are valid delivery addresses. In cases where the address is deliverable but someone has moved, you can use forwarding service or address service requested ancillary endorsement options. These help your invoice land in the right mailbox and also get updated address information about your client.

When you manually send out mail, there is often no way of knowing whether the intended recipient has received their invoice. With an automated service, this will no longer be a concern. 

The service providers should give you access to easily navigable, detailed tracing or tracking. Mailing invoices via first class mail through a print and mail service provider will help you confirm that your invoices have mailed and are moving through the postal mail delivery system. This is done with IMb tracing. 

If you opt for certified or even priority mail, your invoices will include end-to-end tracking. With this feature, you can confirm delivery dates, failed deliveries, and so on. 

This is ideal if you need to follow up on payments. It allows you to see when a client received their invoice in relation to the payment deadline. 

There are a lot of things to stress about when running a business. However, invoice printing and mailing should not be one of them. 

With a trusty invoice print and mail service provider like Click2Mail, this crucial process can go from boot to toot. We will handle the printing and mailing of the invoices to ensure punctual payment from your clients. Now, you can stay ahead of the curve with an efficient invoice print and mail service like ours at your fingertips. 

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10 Ways to Punch Up Postcard Profits

Cost effective and inexpensive yet highly effective, postcards can be a marketing goldmine. Here’s how to boost their return on investment.


1. Update your mailing list.
When was the last time you weeded out money-wasting duplicate or dud addresses? How well does that list you bought or rented match your target customers?

2. Say it again — and again.
People need to see your name and hear your message more than once before they take action. Don’t give up on these potential customers after just one mailing.

3. Keep it simple.
De-clutter your postcard’s design and copy to make a stronger impact. Remember, you’re not closing the sale from this vehicle — just triggering the customer’s first step.

4. Make the sales pitch bigger than your logo.
Customers are motivated by what’s in it for them, not how proud you are of your company.

5. Add urgency.
Get customers running in the door with offers that must be acted on NOW: limited time savings, limited supply, etc.

6. Make it personal.
Personalize the words or images on your postcard for a one-to-one emotional connection. The customer’s name is just the beginning of the possibilities.

7. Enable response.
The MOST important element of your postcard is the “call to action.” Clearly tell readers how to respond; phone, come to the store, visit your website, scan the QR code.

8. Provide complete company contact info.
Return address, telephone/fax numbers, website, email (probably on the back of the card). This makes your business look more professional.

9. Be colorful.
Stand out from the crowd with bright graphics or photos. If you don’t want to pay for a full-color printing, consider colored card stock (Click2Mail offers yellow, green and pink).

10. Use a real postage stamp.
Recognized as a sign of higher quality and importance than standard printed indicias, it could significantly improve readership and retention rates.

Need help creating your profitable postcard? Click2Mail offers 3 resources:
•    The Click2Mail Knowledge Base answers most general and how-to questions
•    A program-specific Help Menu is available after you sign into your account
•    Our experts are standing by for phone consultations at 1-866-665-2787 Monday-Friday, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Time.

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Why Your Direct Mail Needs a Response Device

Enticing recipients to read your message is only the first step. Profitability lies in what comes next: getting those readers to take action and become customers.

The single most important element of your direct mail marketing piece is the request for a response. Here’s where you tell prospects what you want them to do, whether it’s placing an order, using a coupon or requesting information.


The success of the mailing will be judged on how many recipients took the step you asked for. What’s more, responses that include customer information can help you expand and improve your database for greater effectiveness in future mailings. Here’s how to make sure that response rate is the best it can be.

Offer more than one response method.
Give prospects a choice of whether to respond by mailing back the response form, calling you, emailing you or visiting your website’s response form. That way, everyone can choose the method they’re most comfortable with (such as internet use with younger demographics or paper forms with older ones) and you won’t miss out on any potential customers.

Always include a physical response device.

Even if you expect to receive most responses through telephone or digital channels, a paper reply form or card is an important visual cue about the purpose of your mailing. It increases response in all channels, not just physical mail.

Repeat the offer on the response device.
Reinforce your message with an actionable headline, such as “YES, I want to help homeless families have Thanksgiving dinner” or “YES, I want to learn more about your 0 % premium Medicare Advantage plans.”

Add an incentive.
Give prospects an extra reason to respond to your offer.

  • Discount coupon or simulated check
  • Urgency — limited time or quantities sale
  • Free sample offer
  • Frequent shoppers club membership
  • No-risk merchandise trial with free return shipping
  • Testimonials

Make it easy to understand and do.
People just won’t bother with complicated, time-consuming or unclear response methods — except to throw your mailpiece in the trash. Use a clean, minimalist design, step-by-step instructions, 6th grade level language and large, readable fonts.

Keep it as simple as possible, but don’t leave out any essential information. For example, if there’s an expiration date or minimum order, it should be re-stated on the response form in case that’s the only part of the mailing recipients keep.

In your physical response form, give people plenty of room to fill it out. An address field whose lines are only 1/4″ apart will cause problems not just for the responder trying to write, but for you trying to read what was written.

Reduce their effort.
You can make it even more convenient for readers to respond by doing some of the work yourself, such as pre-printing your address on the return envelope or providing a postage-paid reply vehicle. Click2Mail offers reply formats that simplify life for both you and your customers:

Reply Postcard with a tear-off post-paid reply card
Reply Letter which returns the response in the original envelope

Our direct mail response experts are standing by if you need help designing or using these formats, or want to create your own. Please feel free to give us a call

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How to Send Legal Documents Through the Mail Safely & Securely

The question of how to send legal documents through mail gets asked more often than you’d think. Legal documents need special, secure handling because their content is usually confidential and time-sensitive. 

The Internet, email, and other online document delivery systems offer the promise of secure and timely delivery. However, even if tight security measures are in place, these systems are prone to attack, interruption, and interception, making them less reliable for sending documents securely.

Sending mail through a mail carrier such as the United States Postal Service is still one of the best ways to send legal documents safely and securely. 

That’s where Click2Mail comes in – a mailing software service working closely with the USPS to send legal documents securely through the mail. 

How to Send Legal Documents Through Mail Securely

Certified Mail
Use Certified Mail for crucial or valuable documents where it is necessary to have proof of the date that an item is mailed and delivered. The sender can access tracking that confirms the date of mailing, verification of the delivery date, or that delivery was attempted but unsuccessful.

The USPS maintains a record of delivery for two years from the date of mailing. Click2Mail retains records  of barcode tracking scans for much longer, meaning the tracking information will be available via your Click2Mail account long after it’s been disposed of by USPS.

Receipt For Sender
The chain of custody begins with the sender. It is often necessary to show you sent documents when you say you did to the correct addresses. With Certified Mail you receive a unique tracking number that shows the date and time of mailing. Should the need arise, that receipt is clear and indisputable evidence. If the US Post Office says you sent it, you sent it.

USPS Return Receipt Electronic
Certified mail requires a signature from the receiver, whether that is the intended recipient or someone authorized to sign for documents at the address. The signature shows the date the documents were received and who signed for them, removing the possibility of a dispute about late or non-delivery. The USPS’s optional Return Receipt Electronic (RRE) makes it easy to get this information – it’s available as a PDF from USPS.com or your Click2Mail account order history.

Return Receipt Service
When an electronic receipt doesn’t meet your legal requirements, choose a green card Return Receipt. This is a physical card with the recipient’s signature, returned to you by mail, which you can show if you need to.

Although it is not possible to request a Return Receipt after the date of mailing, it is possible to request information from the USPS delivery record if the previously purchased Return Receipt did not arrive.

Cost of Service

US Postage and Fees for Certified Mail
Base Postage/Fees Rates
as of May 2023*
Certified Mail in a #10 envelope$4.78
Certified Mail with Return Receipt Electronic
Signature (PDF) (replaces Green Card)
Certified Mail with Return Receipt Green Card
(Old Fashioned Green Card)
*Postage rates and fees are determined by the USPS and may change at any time.

Priority Mail Express
Priority Mail Express is a good choice for sending letters, large or thick envelopes, tubes, and packages containing mailable items when delivery time is important. 

It offers:
• Guaranteed delivery time of 1-2 days
• Insurance up to $100
• Tracking
• Delivery Confirmation
• Signature Confirmation

Click2Mail is a great help when you need to send Priority Mail Express letters! We can mail 1 or 100 for you tomorrow, and you don’t even have to go stand in line at the post office.

Priority Mail
When time is less critical but you still need perfect end-to-end tracking, cut the Express. 

Priority Mail offers:
• Delivery time of 1-3 days
• Insurance up to $500
• Tracking
• Delivery confirmation
• Lower cost

Click2Mail offers an excellent service called Priority Mail Plus, where you can place your order by 12 P.M. Eastern and have your legal documents mailed that same day and delivered by USPS as soon as the next day. (It’s almost as if we intended to make the sending of physical letters for our clients our #1 priority!)

First Class Mail 
First Class mail suggests better treatment, and USPS does forward First Class mail to a new address and returns it to the sender if it can’t be delivered. However, while it is economical and reliable, there is no concierge service here. Regular First Class mail does not include tracking, insurance, or delivery verification and is typically used for documents that do not require proof of sending or delivery. Click2Mail improves on Regular First Class by adding Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb) so you get IMb tracing on each piece, which is similar to tracking and monitors movement of that mailpiece through the postal delivery stream. IMb tracing does not include an actual delivery scan or signature confirmation.

First Class mail is suitable for letters, postcards, flat envelopes, padded envelopes, and lightweight packages. It’s also pretty affordable.

Click2Mail’s Automation Solutions to Print and Mail Legal Documents
Most office systems today have many functions and capabilities relevant to their clients, including the tools to automate at least some of their postal communications. Often, the missing piece is delivering that mail to the post office.

Click2Mail’s Automation Solutions to Print and Mail Legal Documents

Click2Mail solves that problem by providing a comprehensive suite of on-demand postal mail creation functions that integrate into almost any communications and transaction workflow your business needs. 

Email-to-Mail allows you to  have emailed documents automatically printed for you the next business day and mailed through the United States Postal Service, for just pennies more than the price of postage alone.

MailJack+ is ideal for easily sending legal documents, invoices, statements, and other computer-generated communications that already have names and addresses and are ready to mail. 

Use the USPS Services
The USPS has a long history of delivering documents securely and on time and is generally more affordable than its private sector competitors.

Use the USPS Services
The USPS has a long history of delivering documents securely and on time and is generally more affordable than its private sector competitors.

It also:

  • Is required by law to protect the privacy of its customers.
  • Provides the return of undeliverable First Class mail, proving the attempted delivery.
  • Provides payment protection on Priority Mail Express in case of non-delivery.


Legal documents contain confidential, sensitive data. To answer the question of how to send legal documents through mail, know that you require a secure channel. This should include verification of the sending and receiving dates and secure transportation between the two parties. Time is often critical when dealing with legal documents, and guaranteed delivery dates may be important.

You could handle this yourself, but why? You’ve got better things to do with your time. Why not let Click2Mail do that for you? With our speedy services and helpful postal mail apps, we’re a modern and friendly postman’s assistant. And we won’t fail to deliver your legal documents to the post office on account of a rainy day or a traffic jam either. 

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How to Write a Friendly Letter for Past Due Invoices

Writing a letter for past due invoices is a necessary evil but often also an unwelcome and time-consuming task. Your business has provided products or services with the understanding that clients would pay for them. 

And yet, we still end up asking those ever-dreaded questions: ‘Where’s the money, Lebowski?’  

Statistics vary for how many people pay late and how late their payments are. The truth is, paying late is common – way more common than paying in advance, at any rate.

How you handle communication makes the difference in getting paid or being ghosted by your clients. Use a friendly and courteous tone to make communication and collection easier for both parties. At the same time, this helps build strong business/client relationships.

What is a Past Due Invoice Letter?

A past due invoice letter is sent to clients when they are late paying an invoice. The letter should be courteous, formal, and state:

  • The invoice number
  • Description of the goods sold
  • Amount of the outstanding invoice
  • Payment deadline
  • Any potential late fees or penalties

It should also show your desire to engage with the client to agree on how to proceed with payments.

Why Send a Letter for Past Due Invoices?

Unpaid invoices impact your business. You may find yourself in a situation where you cannot pay your bills or meet your financial obligations.

People don’t pay invoices on time for many reasons, including forgetting about or losing the invoice. An overdue invoice letter is a simple way to remind your clients of their commitments to you for the products or services you provided. Sending a past due invoice letter is a polite way to collect payments while maintaining good client relations. 

If handled well, these polite reminders can also build positive engagement with your clients by keeping the lines of communication open and avoiding unnecessary conflict.

The Difference That Tone Makes

People who buy your products or services have a legal and ethical obligation to pay you for those products/services. That is how business works. Trying to collect past due payments is frustrating for the business owner and the client. 

There are many reasons why clients don’t pay on time, and most of them are legitimate and explainable. You have no control over why your clients are late, but you do have control over how you treat them during the collection process.

According to Zippia.com, 78% of customers are unwilling to complete payments because of a negative customer service experience. 91% of customers say they are unhappy in these instances and wouldn’t willingly re-engage with a company that left them dissatisfied.

That negative experience could be from how the business owner handled past due invoices.

Setting a polite tone from the beginning is key to collecting payments and maintaining good customer relations.

Avoid things like:

  • “Demand” or “insist” on payment
  • Using threatening language
  • Making personal attacks
  • Using legal jargon
  • Threaten to take legal action or give an ultimatum

Instead, use phrases such as:

  • “We appreciate your business and look forward to resolving this matter.”
  • “We are always happy to work with our customers to make payment arrangements.”
  • “We understand that unexpected expenses can arise, and we are willing to work with you to find a solution that works for both of us.”
  • “We value our relationship with you and want to do everything we can to keep it that way.”

Throughout the process, show as much empathy as possible. 

How to Write a Friendly Overdue Invoice Letter

Follow Up at the Right Time

The first follow-up should occur shortly after the invoice’s due date. A good rule of thumb is to send the letter out the day after the invoice is due. This sets the tone that you intend to collect payment and serves as a friendly reminder.

When crafting your first reminder, clearly state upfront all policies about payments, due dates, and consequences for late payments. Customers don’t like surprises (or extra zeros) on their bills.

You should space out subsequent follow-ups to allow time for the client to process the payment on their end. Typically, this is on a 30-day cycle. Anything more frequent can feel like you are applying undue pressure. Anything less frequent suggests that payment is merely a ‘friendly suggestion’ and not your priority.

Include a Polite Opening

Nothing gets people’s backs up faster than receiving a letter requesting payment for past due invoices, so it’s important to break the ice as soon as possible. Sending an impersonal form letter with a “business as usual” tone may not be deleterious, but personalizing it conveys the importance of your request while still being pleasant.

Start with the opening salutation. “Dear [person’s name]” is good and still considered acceptable. Using titles shows enough formality to remind the recipient you take the situation seriously and you respect their position.

If the business/client relationship allows, using “Hello” or even “Hi” may be more appropriate.

For the first reminder, take the time to express your satisfaction in serving them and inquiring how they are enjoying the product or service you provided.

Include All Invoice and Payment Details

Your past due invoice letter should contain:

  • All details from the invoice itself
  • The original due date and the expected next due date
  • Any fees that have or will be assessed
  • Dates for all prior communication attempts
  • A call to action that the client needs to take

The above information serves as a friendly reminder early on in the collection process in case the client has forgotten the payment or lost the invoice. 

Being clear about what is expected removes ambiguity from the communication. 

Explain Payment Options

Make it easy for the client to take action and make their payment. This is where utilizing different response methods (email, telephone, in-person, etc.) for the person to contact you is extremely important.

If you offer online payment through your site or a payment provider, leave a few figurative breadcrumbs by including the web address and not just a name, ensuring your client goes to the right place.

Let them know if they can make payments over the phone. Not everyone trusts online payment systems and may prefer to talk to someone at your business. 

Finally, include your mailing address so they can send checks or money orders.

Specify Next Steps

Specifying the next steps may not be necessary for the first communication. 

When it is necessary, describe your late fee policy and the consequences for non-payment. Be clear and upfront about what will happen. If that includes involving a collection agency or litigation, make that clear.

It is important to remember the business/client relationship here. Escalating too soon may result in bill payment but also the loss of the customer (and a scathing online review to boot) in the process. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t define all of the possible steps that could be taken. However, emphasis should be on the next step that will be taken.

Another good rule of thumb is to assume the customer wants to pay their bill (innocent until proven guilty) until they show they don’t intend to do so.

Tips for Writing a Past Due Invoice Letter

Use Late Penalties

Unpaid invoices impact your business in time and effort to follow up with clients on past due invoices. Late penalties allow companies to recover some of the costs associated with unpaid invoices. 

Late penalties can incentivize clients to pay their bills while maintaining and building good customer relations. Create a ‘Plan B’ by stating your late fee policy in the letter, even if the client won’t incur fees until later. 

Typical late penalties are between 1.0-1.5% monthly on the outstanding balance. This is considered sufficient to encourage on-time payments without placing an additional burden on the client. 

Offer a Payment Plan

As the author Dan Miller once said, ‘A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.’ Getting the bill paid in installments is better than not getting it paid at all.

A payment plan gives the client a reasonable means to fulfill their agreement with you because: 

  • The client spaces out their payments over a fixed period. 
  • Your business receives payments towards a debt it is owed.

You can opt to include a processing fee that is lower than accruing interest. Communicate clearly what those costs are to the client.

Be Brief

Most people skim through content, looking for what is relevant. Effective collection letters are brief, scannable, and to the point. 

Include the invoice number at the top of the page. This makes it clear what the message is about.

Include pertinent details from the invoice, such as the balance due, service date, due date, and a brief description of products or services invoiced.

Use templates that include only the relevant information.

Include the complete invoice as an attachment. The client can reference it from the letter without needing to find it.

Automate Printing and Mailing

Manually printing and mailing invoices is a time-consuming and error-prone process. That’s where using automated software or systems like Click2Mail can be beneficial for expediting printing and mailing overdue invoices for faster payment collections. 

Automated systems can help companies by:

  • Creating templates that contain all relevant information.
  • Importing your customer address data.
  • Personalizing mailings with customer-specific information.
  • Ensuring communications go out on schedule.
  • Tracking results, including previous communications.

Click2Mail collaborates closely with the US Postal Service and UPS. You can easily convert your invoice letters to print using our innovative s software-as-a-service tools like MailJack+, Email-to-Mail, or Mailing Online Pro. You can also explore low code / no code automations using Click2Mail’s Zapier integration or fully integrate via our powerful REST or Batch APIs. 

Past Due Invoice Templates

Regardless of the tone of the rest of the communication, always include:

[Your Full Name]
[Your Company Name]
[Company Details] (such as address and contact details)

[Customer’s Full Name]
[Customer’s Company Name] (if applicable)
[Company Details] (if applicable)

This demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and adds credibility to the request.

Below are examples of past due invoice templates, in order of each logical step your company may take in the payment collection process. 

Recent Due Date

Dear [Client name],

Good afternoon! I hope you’re well and satisfied with [products or services]. This is a friendly reminder that your payment of [amount] was due on [due date]. I’ve attached your invoice [reference number] for your convenience.

As previously discussed, our payment terms are [number of days] days from the issue date. We understand that mishaps occur and trust that you will rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Please note that late payments are charged [percentage rate]% per month overdue.

You can submit payment by [explain payment method]. 

Whenever you have a free moment, I’d appreciate a response to confirm that you received the invoice. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help.


[Your name]

[Contact Information]

Late Overdue Payment

Dear [Client Name],

I am writing to let you know that your account is now [number of days] days past due. The amount of $[balance owed] was due on [insert date]. 

We sent you a past due notice on [insert date] and have yet to receive a reply. 

This matter requires your urgent attention. Please send payment as soon as possible.

As outlined in our contract, payment terms are [number of days] days from the date of issue. Your account now soon start incurring additional late fees of [percentage rate x amount]%. If we don’t hear from you by [specific date], this will be applied. 

We have included a copy of your revised invoice for your records.

Please contact me about when we can expect the payment. You can make payment via check to the address listed below or through our website at [business website or payment collection site].

Do let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We value our relationship with you and want to do everything possible to keep it that way.


[Your Name]

[Contact Information]

Final Notice

Dear [Client name],

This is an urgent message regarding your account with [your company name]. Invoice [reference number], which was due on [due date], is now [number of days] overdue and requires immediate payment. The current amount due is [amount].

We’ve attempted to contact you [specify contact dates] about arranging payment. But we haven’t received confirmation that you received our letters or tried to make payment. 

Please be aware that late fees of [percentage rate]% may occur for every additional [time period] of late payment. If we do not receive full payment by [date], we reserve the right to refer this account for resolution by a collections agent. 

Please contact me immediately to keep your account in good standing.


[Your name]

[Contact Information]


Two facts about business life are: a significant number of people pay their invoices late, and you will need to communicate with them through email, letters, and follow-up calls to get those invoices paid. 

In many situations, the reasons why invoices are late are beyond the control of your clients and do not reflect a lack of desire to pay the invoice. Always start by assuming the best, and not the worst. 

Sending a well-crafted, friendly, and courteous overdue invoice payment reminder after the due date and following up regularly until the issue is resolved will benefit you and your client. Your goal should always be to remain courteous, respectful, and maintain a good relationship with the customer.  

Click2Mail gets your messages across politely and swiftly, with our Easy Letter Sender and Priority Mail Plus services. Now, you can avoid that awkward Friar John moment in Romeo and Juliet and ensure your letter for past due invoices ends up in the right hands. 

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Why Good Addressing Matters

We can say it in one word: money. Mailpieces that never reach their intended recipient return zero on your investment of printing and postage costs.


People Move — a Lot
The statistics tell the story:

•    36.8 million address changes were processed by the USPS in 2018 (Source: USPS)
•    Approximately 1 in 6 families moves each year (Source: USPS)
•    4,071 addresses are added to the USPS delivery network every day (Source: USPS)
•    Americans move an average of 11.7 times in their lifetime (Source: Steinway Movers)

How many of these people are your customers or prospects? Even if it’s only 5% of your list, that could make a significant dent in your response and conversion rates.

USPS Address Accuracy Requirements
In the olden days, the postal carrier would make an effort to see that mail got forwarded to the recipient’s new address. Now that everything is automated, it’s up to the mailer to make that address as perfect as possible.

To qualify for Marketing Mail and First-Class Mail postage rages, you must verify the following address elements by the deadlines listed:

Delivery Type



Carrier Route

Need to Verify

5-digit ZIP Code

Complete addresses

Carrier route information

By this Date

Within 12 months of mailing

Within 95 days of mailing

Within 90 days of mailing

Checking List Accuracy
The USPS offers suggestions on its Checking the Accuracy of Your Address List website page. These include CASS-certified software, NCOALink® and the USPS’s own address list correction service (fee required).

The good news? When you mail with Click2Mail, CASS and NCOA are automatically part of the ordering process. Not extra steps or fees.

Note: If you are using mailing lists from multiple sources, you’ll also want to perform a merge/purge in order to remove duplicate names/addresses.

Funny Story
You want more evidence that verifying addresses is important? Look what happened to global shipping company UPS. In May of 2018, mail addressed to their corporate headquarters — including senior executives’ credit cards and sensitive company information — was rerouted to the apartment of a man who had simply filled out a change of address form at the Post Office. He had not even been asked for proof of identity!

Help Is Just a Click or Call Away
If you need more info on how often you should update your mailing list and the best methods for doing so, please get in touch with our Click2Mail mailing experts. Also, be sure to check out our Mailing List Center for some reliable lists and data analysis.

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New Postage Rates Effective January 22, 2023

As you may already know, the US Postal Service has scheduled multiple postage rate increases this year, with the next increase effective Sunday, January 22, 2023. As a result, postage rates and fees charged to you by Click2Mail will increase effective Saturday, January 21, 2023. Please note that the rates we charge you are subject to change whenever there is a change in postage rates by the USPS or other global postal administrations.

First Class letter rate will increase. 
• Single Piece First Class stamps will increase from $0.60 to $0.63.
With Click2Mail, postage on First Class letters with a standardized address will increase from $0.515 to $0.531.

Postcard rate will increase.

• Retail postcard stamps will increase from $0.44 to $0.48.
With Click2Mail, postage on postcards with a standardized address will increase from $0.359 to $0.381.
As a reminder, the maximum size for commercially mailed postcards has increased to 6” x 9”. Click2Mail’s 4″ x 9″, 5″ x 8″ and 6″ x 9″ postcards all qualify for the $0.381 postcard rate.

Certified Mail Fees will increase.
• The Certified Mail Fee will increase 15¢ to $4.15
• Electronic Return Receipt Fee will increase to $2.10
• Return Receipt (3811 card) will increase to $3.35

All orders placed by 8:00 PM EST on Friday, January 20th will be honored at the current rates. If you have any questions or need additional information. Please contact us at [email protected] or call 866-665-2787. 

Thank you for your continued business.

The Click2Mail Team

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