As a legal professional, you count on mail for many different things, from advertising your practice to sending important documents. For both, it’s important to have someone you trust to get your document where it needs to go – safely, on time, and with as little hassle as possible. We are proud to offer a variety of mail options to do just that.

March Madness

Direct marketing rules for lawyers and legal professionals vary by state. In most states a lawyer can advertise general information. That’s what John and his two brothers do. True to lawyer form, they researched the laws in their state first to ensure what parameters they needed to stay within when advertising their new firm. They also wanted to make sure that the mailer was eye catching and engaging so they timed their campaign to coincide with March Madness – as a way to grab the reader’s attention. They sent out a 6 x 11 postcard that read, “Betting is great when it’s all fun and games, but you don’t want to bet on your legal services.” They included the name of the firm, their contact information, and a list of services they offer. From the postcard campaign they brought in 10 clients within the first three months and had many more people call in with questions.

It’s That Time Again: Spring Cleaning

Deb recently moved her office and wanted to advertise her legal services in her new local area. Knowing her clientele are primarily women, she used spring cleaning as inspiration for her mailer. She sent out a clean, brightly colored 6.25 x 11 Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) mailer that read, “Spring is around the corner and your closets aren’t the only thing that needs cleaning! Now is the perfect time to spruce up your legal portfolio.” She included her name, her contact information, and a detailed explanation of her services. She sent the mailer to carrier routes within 12 miles of her office. Deb reported that four people called her in the first month after the mailer was sent.

Mail as a Business Tool – Business Class Mail™

While many legal professionals use direct mail for marketing, it’s also a valuable business tool. Certified Mail, for example, is an important (and sometimes mandated) tool for legal professionals. With Certified Mail you get a receipt of mailing and proof of delivery. You can require a signature and see when and who signed for the delivery.

For example, Marcy is a Family & Divorce Lawyer and uses Certified Mail™ on a regular basis to send important documents to her clients. Whether she is sending one docuement or multiple, using Click2Mail to send her Certified Mail has been a huge time saver for her. She simply uploads her documents into Click2Mail and a mailing list. Marcy is able to track her letters and shortly after the letter is delivered she receives a electronic confirmation receipt. It saves her a ton of time allowing her to focus more attention on her clients.

Dan is another great example of Business Class Mail in action for legal professionals. Dan is the Managing Partner at a Medical Malpractice firm in the Bay Area. His firm recently added a new partner and he wanted to share the news with his clients and colleagues, to congratulate the new partner but also to keep his clients abreast of the changes. Using his own mailing list, Dan sent out a letter that included a picture and bio of the new partner and the firm’s contact information. He felt it was a great way to engage his clients in the changes at the firm and also stay top-of-mind clients who hadn’t used his services in a while.

One final example, of Business Class Mail and Mobile Marketing working together: Due to a recent expansion, Mary’s firm was moving to a new office location and also getting a new phone number and web address. In order to inform all of the firms’ clients, Mary sent out 500 5 x 8 postcards with all of their new contact information and a QR code directing the recipients directly to their new mobile website. Within a month of sending out the postcard Mary’s firm had over 300 clicks to their mobile website.

Click2Mail has helped these legal professionals make the most out of direct mail. We can help you too! For more information on creating your direct mail campaign you can visit 24/7 or call us at 866-665-2787 Mon-Fri 9am-8pm EST.