Even in today’s digital world, direct mail plays an important role in helping you market your business. In this article, learn how mail can be an effective tool in enhancing your impact and increasing your customer engagement.


3 benefits of direct mail marketing:


  • Our brains respond differently to print – Studies have shown that our brains actually react differently to print versus digital material. With printed material there is a physicality in it – holding it in your hands, touching the paper, and turning the pages – that actually enhances the way its information is perceived. For more on this, check out our recent article Your Brain on Mail: Print Trends 2014.


  • People are overwhelmed by digital – Even just a few years ago people were bombarded with “junk” in their mailboxes. In backlash, people switched to digital – paperless billing, online magazines, email newsletters, and so on. Now the pendulum has swung to the other side and people are overwhelmed with “junk” in their digital inboxes. With a paucity of paper mail and a glut of digital mail, the power of print has returned. Think about the last time you received a handwritten or even typed letter delivered in your mailbox. It’s so much different than receiving an email; it’s personal. When someone takes time to send mail it makes a lasting impression on the recipient. And that’s as true for businesses as it is for individuals.    


  • Direct mail has permanence – Not only does traditional mail feel more personal; it’s also more permanent. Unlike digital, direct mail is not limited to 140 characters and it doesn’t disappear into the digital abyss after 5 minutes. That means your mailer could be sitting out on your audience’s countertop or stuck to their refrigerator for days, weeks – even months! Maybe your booklet is in their kitchen so that every time your customers or prospects are waiting for the water to boil they can read a page. Or maybe your postcard is hanging on their refrigerator because they have been meaning to try your restaurant or get their carpets cleaned. When they see your mailer every day, they are more likely to recognize your brand outside of their home, and they are much more likely to contact you when they need/want your service. 



Check out our hand! We’ve got a full house of Business Class Mail™ solutions too: 

1. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) – Every Door Direct Mail allows you to send mail to every house within a given mail carrier route. It’s a time- and cost-effective way to market your business on any budget! 

2. Mobile Marketing – We can help you create a beautiful and seamless mobile website and QR codes to include on your mailers. 

3. Email to Mail – Combine email and mail to get the most from your mailers and reach your audience through multiple channels. 

4. Mailing Lists – Purchase a customizable mailing list to mail to prospects based on demographics such as age, income, marital status, and much more. 

5. API Integration – Integrate your system with Click2Mail to create automated mailers for an even faster and easier mailing process.


All of these benefits and services have one thing in common: Content is King! People no longer want “salesy.” They want valuable information that they can put to use. People want to read about things that can enhance their businesses, they careers, their parenting, their marriage – their lives. To get started creating your high-quality, content-rich mailers visit Click2Mail.com.