At many nonprofits, each employee wears multiple hats; often, the person in charge of marketing is in charge of other activities as well. So direct mail marketing can feel particularly challenging, especially given the very tight budgets that most nonprofits work within. At Click2Mail, we’re here to help – to make mail easy, and affordable. After all, direct mail remains one of the most effective fundraising mechanisms, and an important channel through which nonprofit organizations raise awareness about their good work.


If you work for a nonprofit organization and are unsure about whether your organization qualifies for nonprofit  – or simply have other questions about direct mail – read on for some of the most commonly asked questions about nonprofit mailing, and our answers.


Q: What is nonprofit mail? Is it the same as First-Class mail® 

A: The USPS offers postage discounts for eligible nonprofit organizations. In order to receive the postage discount you must be authorized by the US Postal Service as a nonprofit mailer and follow the set guidelines. Nonprofit Mail is not the same as First Class Mail. It is sometimes referred to as Nonprofit Standard Mail; once it enters the mail stream, Nonprofit Mail is processed identically to Standard Mail. Authorized nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive additional savings on Standard Mail®  postage rates when they send qualifying mail pieces.  


Q: If I have nonprofit status with the IRS does that mean I’m automatically qualified as a nonprofit mailer?

A: No. Although you may be considered a nonprofit organization through the IRS, you are not automatically qualified as a nonprofit mailer. You must go through the USPS application process in order to qualify. Organizations that typically qualify include agricultural, educational, fraternal, labor, philanthropic, religious, scientific, and Veterans organizations, and some political committees. 


Q: Can I mail my nonprofit mail through Click2Mail?

A: Yes! You still must go through the USPS application process and qualify first, but Click2Mail makes nonprofit mailing much easier. We ensure that all of your mailers meet the USPS requirements for Nonprofit Standard Mail so that you can receive the discount. Only orders of 200 pieces or more will qualify to receive nonprofit postage rates.


Q: How do I get set up in Click2Mail to mail nonprofit?

A: Once you have received authorization from USPS you must submit two documents in order for us to apply the discount to your account: 

1) a completed 3623 form, which allows Click2Mail to deposit mail at a location other than your nonprofit city of origination; and 2) a faxed or mailed signed letter


The Nonprofit Standard Mail rate is great because it allows nonprofit organizations to take advantage of direct mail without breaking their budget. If you are a nonprofit organization we highly encourage you to visit the USPS website for more information on eligibility and the application prices. And of course, we’re here to help. If you have a question we didn’t address here, or if you are already registered as a nonprofit mailer and would like more information on how Click2Mail can help you, visit us online 24/7 at or Monday-Friday 9am-8pm EST at 866-665-2787.