We have a number of healthcare industry customers who use Click2Mail for a range of uses – from direct mail marketing to get new clients to appointment reminds for existing clients, and everything in between. Here, read about some of the specific ways other healthcare professionals have used Click2Mail – and you can too.


Last summer there was an outbreak of West Nile virus in Dr. Tirch’s city. The city sprayed for mosquitoes in some zip codes, but not in others. Dr. Tirch wanted to warn people in those areas of the risk and also educate them about the symptoms of West Nile so that they could receive medical attention right away. She sent out an 8.5” x 11” EDDM mailer to those zip codes that hadn’t been sprayed. About a week after the mailers went out, Dr. Tirch had quite a few people call in and make appointments for their symptoms. Two of those clients did in fact have West Nile and Dr. Tirch was able to treat them immediately. She felt so great about the success of the mailer that she sent one out last month for flu season. 


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is very popular among healthcare professionals. One of our clients, Dr. Marsh, a dentist, just opened up his second practice across town and wanted to bring in new patients in that area. He decided to send out a 6.25″ x 11″ EDDM mailer to the three mail carrier routes surrounding his new office. The mailer had a picture of a small child with a huge smile on her face and read, “We’re Looking For New Smiles!” Dr. Marsh also included two new patient coupons and a QR code so that people could visit his mobile website. Within the first month of opening he had more than 20 new patients from the mailers alone. 


While direct mail is great for bringing in new patients and providing people with healthcare information, it’s also a great tool for communicating with existing patients. Dr. Mac is a pediatrician who sees about 100 patients per week. She needed an easy way to remind her patients of their upcoming appointments so she chose to develop an integrated solution using the MOL PRO API to automatically send appointment reminders 10 days before the appointment. The system also allows her to send birthday postcards to her patients, which is a great, personalized touch. Dr. Mac was amazed at how easy it was for her development team to set up the API and after a few months of using it, she’s thrilled with the results — less time spent making reminder phone calls, and fewer missed appointments. 


Preventative healthcare – vaccinations, annual screenings, etc. – is an incredibly important aspect of healthy living and a good way to prevent sickness down the road. Unfortunately, many Americans only go to the doctor when they are sick. That’s what spurred Dr. Weller to send out a jumbo postcard to all of his existing patients. The postcard included a list of important seasonal reasons to make and keep annual well checks; the office phone number in bold; and a coupon for patients who do not have insurance. Dr. Weller saw patients he hadn’t seen in years! Over 20 came in to use the coupon and Dr. Weller has more wellness appointments scheduled in one month than he has in a very long time. 


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