You’ve been in your present location so long that it feels like home. It perfectly fits your needs for now, but things ultimately change. You need to upsize or downsize. How do you go about letting people know? Mail out new location announcements, of course.

What Are New Office Location Announcements?

A business relocation announcement is a friendly – and quick – way to let people know you’re moving.

Note that we said ‘moving’ and not ‘moved’. Inform your clients and business contacts before the move to avoid confusion.

Notify Clients and All Business Contacts

You probably know the movers and shakers in your community. You have great clients who buy your products or use your services. And you have business contacts – partners, suppliers, investors – who have a vested interest in your success. 

Don’t leave them wondering why you’re leaving, where you’re going, and if you still love them. Your new location announcement will keep them “in the know” and give you another reason to reach out and touch someone.

Who do you know who needs VIP treatment? Instead of sending a letter, call them.  

Formally Notify Employees

Your employees have been loyal to you, investing their time and talents in your business. They’ve built schedules and lives around your company. Moving to a new location, and how you handle it, is an opportunity to demonstrate loyalty to them.

5 quick wins for you and your employees:

  • Notify them first. No one wants to find this out second-hand.
  • Whenever possible, tell them in person. This can be a productive time for nurturing relationships.
  • Offer a video or photographic walkthrough of the new facilities to give your employees a sense of place.
  • Provide all relevant information (including why you are moving) and be upfront about it.
  • Give them as much time as possible to make adjustments.

Why Must You Draft and Send a New Location Announcement Letter?

Queen told us, “To avoid complications, she never kept the same address.” She didn’t tell the post office her new address either. (That’s on your things to do list, isn’t it?)

To avoid complications and to make it easy for customers and suppliers to find you, send out a letter well ahead of time to let them know. It’s a courtesy thing.

Prevent Customers From Thinking That You Have Shut Down

It’s Saturday morning and you’ve opened a shop at your new location. However, miles away at your old location, customers start showing up. The doors are locked, the lights are off, and a sign reads, “We’ve moved. Find us at our new location.”

What will your customers think?

Maybe that you have shut down. 

“Why?” They will ask. “Was it something I said? Where will I go now for [insert product or service here].?”

Rumors will spread.

Good thing this is “mostly” preventable with an early notice.

Get Increased Foot Traffic At Your New Address

You have your grand opening, and the turnout is decent but a little disappointing. The people in your new place might not know you, and those in your old location don’t know where you’ve gone.

Letters to your current clients take care of the latter problem. Announcing it everywhere else takes care of the former. (You’re already using social media to drive traffic to your business, right?)

Redirect Correspondence to the New Address

When you announce your upcoming move to your clients, suppliers, and business associates, they can update your information in their Customer Relationship Management system. Then they will be ready when they need to send you their new location announcement letter.

They’ll use it for other correspondence as well. We promise.

Build Relationships With New Customers

Those loyal customers who follow you to your new location are great, but you also want to reach the people in your new area. The problem is, you don’t know who they are and vice versa.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to the rescue. Send your new location announcement to us, and we will ensure it’s delivered to everyone in the area. Just your friendly, door-to-door, encyclopedia salesperson, only better.

Things to Include In a New Location Announcement

The Reason for Your Address Change

“Enquiring minds want to know.” We’d say they need to know as well.

Take a couple of lines in your letter and share your reasons. Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, or moving to greener pastures, show people how this will position you to better serve your customers. Be transparent.

Contact Details

Add all your contact information on your company letterhead:

  • Your company name
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Website link
  • Email address
  • Mailing address (current)

Your target audience can still connect with you with questions or concerns before you move.

A Statement of Gratitude and Appreciation

This is an excellent time to tell your clients and any vendors/suppliers you work with how much you value your relationship with them. Assure them that you want to keep those relationships in your new location.

Dates the Current Office Would Be Open

If your business remains open while transitioning to the new location, clearly indicate your current or adjusted hours of operation.

The Moving Date and Time

This is the date and time you will be open at your new location.

Go further with this and invite them to join you at your new location. This means:

  • Your existing customers who will be glad to see your new digs.
  • People in your new location who will look at all those customers showing up and think, “Wow, this must be a great business. Look at all those people.”

New Address With Landmarks

You could say, “Our new location is…”, but that is so last season. 

A Personal Closing

End on a positive note. Let your customers know how much they mean to you. It may sound selfish but mention you are looking forward to future success in your new location. 

Office Relocation Announcement Samples

Below are some neat examples of office relocation announcement samples your business can use when it’s time to pack up and go. 

Office Relocation Letter to Customers/Clients


Dear [client name]

We are thrilled to let you know that on [date], our office will move to our new location at [address], putting us close to [important transportation hub or landmark].

We want to say thank you. Because of customers like you, we have outgrown our existing office space and need to move. We will close our offices at [current address] on [date] and expect to be in our new location and ready for business by [date].

Please feel free to contact [name] at [email] or [phone number] if you have any queries. 

We look forward to seeing you at our new location.


[Your name]

Office Relocation Letter to Suppliers


Dear [supplier name]

We are thrilled to inform you that [company] will be moving on [date]. Our company has recently seen tremendous growth, necessitating expansion for us to hire additional staff and boost our storage capabilities.

Our new address is [new address]. You can still reach us by phone at [number] and by email at [email].

Though our move is still a few weeks away, we felt it wise to inform you early to give you time to update our address in your system. Please feel free to contact [Name], who will be overseeing the relocation activities, at [phone] or [email] with any queries you may have.

We would appreciate your confirmation of receipt of this letter.


[Your name]

Extra Tips for Office Relocation Announcements

Be Transparent

Your decision to change locations was carefully thought out. Be transparent about the what, why, and how. This will help you:

  • build trust with your clients and employees by showing you have nothing to hide
  • manage expectations about what is coming
  • avoid confusion, misunderstanding, rumors, and bad feelings
  • keep communication channels open

Take Your Teams’ Feelings into Consideration

Changes, even good ones, can be scary times fraught with emotions and uncertainty. Take the time to listen and address your team’s concerns and objections.

Be Positive

This is a new, exciting chapter for your business designed for long-term growth. Emphasize the benefits, especially if you are downsizing.

Update the Company Website

Write up your move on your company’s website. This is big news for your company, and your landing page is ideal for an announcement. Place it unobtrusively just below the fold.

Or, go for bold and place it front and center with bells on.

Write a Blog Post Announcing the Move

Your move is a part of your business’s story. Write blog posts to showcase your journey, the decision to move, and the benefits ahead.

Utilize Social Media

If you have an established social media presence, take advantage of that. You can use:

  • Facebook and Twitter for text and graphics.
  • Instagram for the initial announcement and photos of the new location taking shape.
  • TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels for quick video messages.

The beauty of these platforms lie in your ability to spam your target audience with updates. We mean spam in a good way, as in targeted email blitz. 

Use Click2Mail’s Print and Mail Service

Click2Mail has been around since Lee Garvey founded us in 2003. We like to print and mail other people’s mail and think we’re pretty good at it. The USPS agrees.

When to Start Your Office Relocation Announcement

There are hundreds of moving parts for you and your employees to juggle in setting up a new location. Start early to avoid surprises and allow time to address concerns. 

Give your employees as much notice as possible.

Your mailed announcement to your customers and suppliers should land on their doorsteps at least two to three weeks before you move. 

Ready to Get Started?

Well then, let’s do this together. Whether you’re still drawing a blank on what to do (we hope not), or you’ve crafted and polished your announcement until it shines, we’ve got the services and expertise to get your announcement to the people you want to see it