In the first article in our Building a Winning Hand with Click2Mail article series we talked about the King (content); in the second we introduced the Queen (your mailing list). Now let’s move on to the Jack. A Jack typically refers to a soldier. Ranking just below the Queen, he plays a crucial rule in the royal world, the world of poker, and in direct mail. The Jack supports the Queen and the King.


And that’s where Click2Mail comes in. We’re your Jack-of-all-Trades. Our products and services stand behind your content and your mailing list to make your direct mail campaign possible – and easy. Like any good soldier, we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to “protect” the Queen and King better – to make mail easier for you. 


We’ve recently introduced a few new products to our royal court that make mail easier than ever:

 Flyer self-mailer We recently released an updated USPS-approved flyer self-mailer template (we still offer the old templates as well). The new-and-improved flyer self-mailers are simple to design, easy for your audience to read, and very cost effective. With the new template, you can include marketing content on the address panel (which will entice your readers to open the flyer). Click here for some example on how you can use flyer self-mailers.


 3.5 x 5 postcards – Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages! These new 3.5 x 5 postcards, printed in black-and-white, are cost effective and allow you to get your message to your audience without stretching the limits of your budget. The postcard comes in two different styles: traditional single-sided and Same-as-a-Stamp. If you mail at least 250 of the Same-as-a-Stamp postcards, you get them at the same price as a stamp – only 34 cents! That’s only $85 for 250 postcards – printed, processed and mailed. These postcards display a small Click2Mail ad space on the address side. They’re great for sending reminders, mailing in-between your normal campaign, and staying top-of-mind with your audience – among many other potential uses.


Variety of templates – Along with these new products, we offer a wide selection of other mailing products including a large variety of postcards, letters, booklets, flyers, certified mail, reply mail, and priority mail. See them all at


In addition to those new products, we serve the King and Queen with a number of other above-and-beyond mail products and services, including:


APIs – Our API (Application Programming Interface) services allow you to integrate your internal system(s) with Click2Mail in order to completely automate your mail processes. We offer three API’s: SOAP API, REST API, and REST Batch/XML API. They are all a little different, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you! 


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) – EDDM allows you to send mail to every address within certain carrier routes. Meaning that you can very affordably get your mailers (and your name) out to a lot of people. With six EDDM templates to choose from, you are sure to find one that works!


Mobile Integration – Having a mobile presence is crucial in marketing today. Some mail companies consider mail and mobile as completely separate marketing tools, but we know better. Using Click2Mail you can easily and affordably set up a user-friendly, attractive mobile website. Then you can integrate QR codes into your mailers; recipients simply scan the QR code with their mobile device and are directed to a landing page on your mobile website. Mail and mobile together is incredibly effective and with Click2Mail, it’s easy.


With traditional full court of mail products and above-and-beyond services, Click2Mail is your Jack-of-all-Trades. You’ve got the King, Queen, and the Jack – to get started on a mail campaign today, visit