The more you can get in front of your prospects, the more successful you’ll be. When you mail consistently, your prospects recognize you, get to know you, and are more likely to purchase from you. Research shows that the vast majority of sales are closed after seven to nine touches (i.e., communications). Meaning, a direct mail campaign with a series of seven mailers is likely to be much more effective than a single mailer by itself. 


3 ways to maintain consistency with your audience 


1. Develop a loyalty program – Customers who belong to a rewards program at a certain business are more likely to spend money there. Loyalty programs help businesses attract new customers and retain existing ones by offering rewards to customers for what they buy and by giving access to special sales or other events. Many small businesses, grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, and travel-related companies offer loyalty programs.


2. Integrate – For you and your customers, integration makes the world go round. For your customers, an integrated experience is a seamless experience with your business that makes their buying process easier. For you, integration makes your mailing and business processes easier. Click2Mail has many integration services for your customer and for you, including:


For your customersMobile integration allows you to integrate your mobile website with direct mail to create that seamless experience for you customer. Once you have created a mobile website you can add QR codes to your mailers; the recipients simply scan the code from their smart phones and are directed to a landing page on your mobile site. From there they have total access to your site and services – wherever, whenever. 


For you – APIs allow you to integrate your internal system(s) with Click2Mail’s to completely automate your mailing processes. 


For you – Email-to-Mail allows you to send mail directly from your email program. Simply include whatever you want printed within the body of the email or as attachments and we print, address, and mail for you. 


3. Communicate – Communication is key to maintaining a relationship with your customers. When you communicate with your customers on a regular basis through direct mail, email, or other marketing channels, you remain “top of mind” – your customers are more likely to think of you when they need the product or service that you sell.


It’s also important for you to get to know your customers. You can do this by asking customers about their experience when they’re in your store. You can also send out a questionnaire. Reply Mail makes it easy to send a questionnaire via a postcard or letter that includes a postage-paid reply card. However you gather the feedback, use your customers’ responses to create a more satisfying personalized experience for them.


From rewarding customers for doing business with you to making engagement easy (through integration) to facilitating frequent two-way communication, direct mail can help you keep your customers from becoming someone else’s prospects. To get started on your mailing campaign today, visit