Because October is sandwiched between the back-to-school and holiday seasons, marketers often neglect it. Daniel Butler, vice president of retail operations for the National Retail Federation explains, “the bargains are out there, but with retailers hoarding the big advertising bucks for the upcoming holiday season you may have to hunt for them.”

We have good news! With Click2Mail you can save for the holiday season and advertise in October.

There are six categories consumers can typically find great deals in this month: winter clothing and household goods; end-of-the-season sales and specials; local foods and specialties; holiday staples; bathing suits and resort wear; and European vacations. Whether you fall into one of those categories or not, here are some ways you can use direct mail this October:

Send a flyer showcasing your deals

Rubio is the owner of a mid-size supermarket and he starts ordering his fall food and decorations in mid-September. To get a jump-start marketing those products, Rubio put together a flyer showcasing all of the great deals on seasonal items. He used his internal mailing list to send the flyer to all of his loyalty members. The 8.5″ x 11″ flyer also included a coupon that he used to track his ROI. He was very pleased with the results and is preparing another flyer for this year.

Send an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) oversized postcard

“The weather is cooling down, but these deals are HOT!” That’s what Amy’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcard read. Amy owns a craft supply store and uses direct mail to advertise sales, specials, and classes. In October, it seems like every item in her store is on sale. Last year, to advertise the incredible deals she sent a 6.25” x 11” EDDM postcard to every household within 10 miles of her store. In order to keep track of how successful the mailer was, she included a $5 off and a 20% off coupon on the postcard. Amy had a great response rate and her October sales had never been better.

Send a postcard with a QR code 

Online shopping has revolutionized the way consumers shop, especially around the holidays. People like to do their shopping online because they can find more variety, better deals, and best of all they never have to leave home. Because of that shift in consumer behavior, online marketing has become increasingly important. Fortunately, with Click2Mail you can incorporate your direct mail and online marketing by using a QR code on your mailers.

That’s what Lindsay did. Lindsay owns a retail store and typically applies deep discounts to inventory in October. To advertise the deals, she decided to send a jumbo postcard with a QR code on it. When recipients scanned the QR code on the postcard, they were directed to the sale page on Lindsay’s mobile website. Lindsay tracked how many people used to QR code and she was amazed at the turnout. Her October sales were way up from the year before.

Give your customers a treat this October and stay on your holiday marketing budget with Click2Mail mailing tools. For more reasons to mail, this and every month, visit To get started on your October direct mail campaign, visit