Mailing Online Classic users, if you’re not already using MOL Pro, what are you waiting for? Not only is it faster, but it also has lower production costs, improved campaign management, and the ability to save a job to finish later.

Plus, with Mailing Online Pro, the product options abound:

Postcards – Postcards offer you an affordable way to get your message out with eye-catching graphics and bold headlines. With four sizes to choose from, your postcard can be a super-portable 3.5 x 5 size that will fit in your pocket, up to a jumbo 6 x 11 size that is sure to grab anyone’s attention. If you’re “design challenged,” don’t worry! We have multiple layout patterns to help get you started.

Letters – When you need more room to get your message across, letters are the perfect solution. You can combine text and photos and include up to 10 pages in a single mailing! Use the 8.5 x 14 size for additional room to include a tear-off portion, perfect for coupons or invoices.

Flyers – One of the most economical ways to distribute an announcement is with a Flyer Self-Mailer. Because the address panel is printed directly on the mailpiece, there’s no need for an envelope. You have the ability to create a full-page flyer on one side, and use the remaining two panels on the other side for additional messaging. Whether you choose a full-color flyer on glossy paper or a black-and-white flyer on matte paper, your message is sure to be read!

Brochures – Similar to a flyer, brochures utilize a single sheet of paper to make a huge marketing impact. With tri-fold brochures, you can create a mailpiece that utilizes three distinct panels on one side, then make use of the panels on the other side to add even more information. Tri-fold brochures also offer the option to include a message on the address panel.

If you need help moving your projects or mailing lists from MOL Classic to MOL Pro, we are here for you! Contact us at or call 866-665-2787, Mon-Fri 9am-8pm.