You’ve probably heard about the “Cloud,” or virtual computing solutions that allow you to move all kinds of computing functions – from data storage to software management – off of your desktops and servers and into a virtual environment. Working from the Cloud gives you the flexibility and freedom to run your business from almost anywhere, simplifying a whole range of business tasks, from accounting to appointment scheduling.


So how does the Cloud tie in with the robust hybrid mail solutions offered by Click2Mail? Like the Cloud, Click2Mail’s various products offerings – from direct mail to mobile marketing – allow you to streamline your in-office processes so you can run your business more efficiently and at a lower cost.


If you’re processing your mail in house, you have to worry about sorting, labeling, applying postage, and going to the post office. But through our web-based, Cloud-like tools, we can handle the entire mailing process for you, so you don’t have invest in expensive printing equipment, get a mailing permit, or hire marketing staff. And because all our services are offered online on our website, you can manage your direct mail marketing from anywhere you can access a computer.


Here are a few examples of how you can use Click2Mail like the Cloud:

• Use MailJack print-to-mail to instantly send documents from your computer to for mailing and printing. It’s ideal for those situations where you need to send a hard copy of a document (such as invoices or appointment reminders), but don’t want to deal with the hassle of printing, stuffing, and addressing envelopes in-house.

• Go online to get an up-to-date, targeted mailing list. Click2Mail’s easy-to-use mailing list service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any internet-connected computer.

• Use email-to-mail to quickly and easily turn email messages or attachments into hard copy mailed documents. All you need is a Click2Mail account and an email address through a provider such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, or Gmail.

• Introduce your business to your neighborhood with Every Door Direct Mail, EDDM.  With Every Door Direct Mail service, there’s no need to buy addresses or mailing lists. Instead, you can focus your marketing efforts on potential customers within a specific radius of your business, which can save you on postage and printing. Check out our one-stop solution at 


With these and other easy-to-use hybrid mail and direct marketing solutions, Click2Mail gives small business the same tools that big companies enjoy to connect with their customers at a fraction of the cost. Through you can set up your direct mail campaign with just a few clicks and have it in the mail the very same day. Better yet, we offer a full range of services to meet your needs, like variable printing (which lets you send personalized mail to each recipient) and customer response options, like QR codes and reply postcards.


Of course, Click2Mail isn’t only for small businesses. Large mailers can use Click2Mail to streamline their operations, cutting costs while communicating with their customers in a more efficient way. In fact, no matter how big your operation is – whether it’s a one-man shop or a big government agency – Click2Mail helps you mail quickly, affordably, and easily. Like the Cloud, we help you simplify your business – so that you can spend your time, money, and energy on running (and growing) your business.


Getting your next direct mail campaign up and running is easy with Click2Mail’s online services. Visit today to get started.