Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a cost-effective mail option that allows you to send a mailer to every address in a carrier route. EDDM has been a powerful tool in the marketer’s direct mail toolbox, so we’re excited to introduce you to the  improved EDDM mapping tool from the US Postal Service. The enhanced tool enables you to see some powerful demographics in the carrier routes you select and the good news, it is all free!


1. Age – The enhanced EDDM tool shows you what percentage of people, in a carrier route, are in a certain age group. For example, if you want to see people 19-34 years of age in zip code 85050, you simply select that age range and the tool will show you what percentage of people in that age range live in each carrier route in zip code 85050. The tool works for any zip code and any age range.


    2. Household income – Let’s say your customer base has an average household income of about $80,000, you want to ensure that you mail to the carrier routes where the average household income is around $80,000. Out of the four carrier routes in zip code 85050, only one has an average of approximately $80,000. You just saved money by only mailing EDDM in the carrier route that most closely matches your target demographic.


      3. Household size – You can also see the average household size in a carrier route. For example, say the majority of your customers are households of three or more people. Within any zip code, you can search for carrier routes where the average household size is 3 or more.


        The enhanced mapping tool helped Nancy find prospects in a certain age range. Nancy has been using EDDM since the beginning to market her clothing boutique. Through her point of sale data she learned that her customers were within a 2-mile radius of her store and most of them were between the ages of 25 and 40. Nancy wanted to expand her radius by doing an EDDM campaign within the surrounding zip codes of her store. With the new enhancement tool she can see the carrier routes within those zip codes with the highest percentage of people 25-40 years old. Sending EDDM to those carrier routes helps optimize Nancy’s spending, and enhance her results.


        The enhanced tool helped a local recreation club use household size to their advantage. Jon runs a non-profit recreation club that specializes in activities for singles. Being a non-profit organization, money is tight, so when Jon heard of the new EDDM ehanced tool from USPS, he decided to check it out. He chose an area near where the club does a lot of their hikes and looked for carrier routes where the average household size was between 1-2 people. He achieved a great balance between the effectiveness of targeted mail and the cost-efficiency of EDDM.  


        Beth used household income to reach her customers. Beth is the owner of a salon and spa. She knew that most of her customers lived within a 6-mile radius of her spa and made a combined household income of more than $60,000 a year. Beth wanted to bring in new clients so that she could eventually expand her salon and add more services, but she wanted to do it as cost effectively as possible. Just as Beth was finished putting together her EDDM mailer, she learned of the new enhancement tool. She looked on the USPS carrier route map and found 5 routes nearby where the average household income was $60,000 or more. Sending EDDM to those carrier routes Beth was able to the lower cost of her mail campaign and increase its effectiveness. 



        The more information you have about your customer the better you can design your message to get results. Check out the USPS mapping tool here and get started on your EDDM mailer today by visiting us at Click2Mail.com!