If you’re like many of us at Click2Mail, you remember the time when reaching another person by phone meant tapping in to the neighborhood party line. A lot has changed since then…now, not only can we reach each other at a moment’s notice, but our “phones” also connect us to the wide world of the web. People are increasingly taking advantage of that connection opportunity: according to digital innovation news site Mashable, 17.4% of global web traffic comes through mobile. In the United States, approximately 60% of all people browse the Internet using their mobile devices.

For marketers, the rise of mobile dictates a new way of thinking about how to sell your product or service. In this series so far, we’ve talked about how to do that through effective direct mail marketing. Even better: integrating direct mail with mobile marketing for what we have before called a one-two punch.

How Click2Mobile helps you integrate direct and mobile marketing

Mobile website – people are less tolerant of clunky, made-for-the-desktop user experiences when they’re on their mobile device. Increasingly, people expect to have a user-friendly experience with your brand wherever they are; on a mobile device, they expect a site that is mobile-enabled. Click2Mail makes creating that mobile website easy with the mobile marketing tool Click2Mobile.

With Click2Mail’s Mobile Website Builder you can build your own mobile website or you can let us do it for you. Either way we ensure that your mobile site is easy to access and navigate, represents your main website accurately, and contains valuable content that gives mobile visitors what they want quickly, and then keep them engaged. Connect your social media sites to your mobile website to give visitors a full mobile experience with your company.

QR codes – Quick Response, or QR, codes are one way to bridge the physical world of direct mail and the digital world of a mobile website. Click2Mobile includes an integrated QR code generator and management tool to make bridging direct and digital easy. Taking advantage of QR codes is easy. Simply include them on mailers, business cards, property signs, and other marketing materials to directly connect your customers to your mobile website (they simply scan the code with their smartphone and are taken to your mobile website).

Email – In addition to browsing the Internet on their mobile devices, about 61% of people check email on there as well. So as a marketer, integrating direct mail with email is another way to tie in your physical and digital marketing efforts. And it’s incredibly effective: sending an email to arrive after your direct mailer can increase your campaign response rate by about 4%. So, after you send your mailer, follow it up with an email. The email serves as a friendly reminder to your customer, reiterates what you said in your mailer, and allows you to reach your customers through multiple channels.

How we helped one customer integrate direct mail and mobile marketing

Sally has been using direct mail to market her kids play gym since she opened 10 years ago. Recently, she began to notice that many of the parents that come in to the gym are usually on their smartphones while their kids play, so she decided to create a mobile website and take advantage of QR codes as a complement to her direct mail marketing efforts. Using Click2Mobile Sally created a mobile website with and a QR code that would direct people there.

For her mobile launch, Sally created a postcard that included 3 coupons. Instead of describing her gym and services on the mailer, she included the QR code that took the recipients directly to her mobile website. Sally tracked her success by collecting all of the coupons and tracking visits to her site. In just one month she had 500 unique visitors to her mobile site, about 80 new social media followers, and almost 100 people used the coupons (40% of them were new customers).

Sally also was able to collect the email addresses from the people that came in to use the coupon. Two days after their visit she sent out a follow-up email thanking them for coming in and inviting them back with another promotion. This time, the customers had to present the coupon on their phone and the response was even greater than the first time.

Click2Mobile makes it easy to integrate direct mail and mobile marketing – and boost your success. It also makes it easy to view analytics and keep track of your ROI. For a free, no-risk preview of what Click2Mobile can do for you, visit https://click2mail.com/mobile-marketing.