You may have wondered, why does it make sense to use direct mail? Isn’t email free and easy? Don’t consumers hate junk mail? Those are misperceptions, and if you buy into them, you’re doing yourself a big disservice by eliminating an effective tool (direct mail) from your marketing toolbox.


Here are three common misconceptions about direct mail and reasons why it’s still one of the most effective tools for marketers.


Myth: Nobody uses direct mail anymore

Fact: Direct mail is still a big player in marketing


According to the Winterberry Group, direct mail marketing spending increased by almost 3 percent in 2014, bringing spending in this area to a whopping $45.2 billion. Not only that, they predict that this number will increase by another 1% to bring $45.7 billion in 2015.


In short, if you’re using direct mail, you’re not alone. The truth is, that marketers have to use a variety of channels to reach their customers. Effective campaigns include well-timed email and direct mail communications, so that your customers know that you’re serious about reaching them and earning their business. 


Myth: Direct mail is too expensive

Fact: Not when you consider Return on Investment (ROI)


Think about your email inbox. We’re inundated with email marketing messages day and night. As you go through your unread messages, how many do you delete without even reading? How many do you save for later, only to realize that after months, those emails have still never been opened? And Gmail users: how many go straight to a spam, promotions, or update folder never to be seen again?


Now think about your mailbox. Chances are, you check your mail at least a few times a week, if not daily. And when a mailpiece is addressed to you personally, and well designed, you open it. So, it’s not only about cost (and remember, email isn’t free, especially when you’re buying a list). It’s about what you get from the money you spend. That’s return on investment (ROI), and it’s a much better metric for success than cost alone.


Myth: People hate junk mail

Fact: True! But your direct mail isn’t junk mail (it shouldn’t be)


Well, sure! Nobody wants junk. But you aren’t sending junk, are you? (If you are, read our article on how to create an effective marketing campaign.)


When you send out a compelling mailer with a clear call to action, you’re not sending “junk.” You’re delivering value. You are inviting your audience to shop, sign up, or call. You introduce your product or service clearly and concisely, and you provide the opportunity to learn more from your website or sales team.


Without a doubt, direct mail is alive and well, and should be a component of your marketing efforts. For more information on how to incorporate direct mail into your spring campaigns, visit the Click2Mail blog for some new ideas.