We recently had the pleasure of talking with Ethel Renix, Committee chair for the Keys Lewis Keyes Reunion Committee. Since 1995, the Keys Lewis Keyes family has held a reunion every other year. The next event is July 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The theme: “We Are Because They Were.”


The family has always used mail to send information about the reunion (including the registration packet) because they knew it was the best way to reach family members across generations. In the past they did everything themselves, and they spent a lot of money and time printing the mailers, inserting them into envelopes, and then hand addressing each of the 300+ envelopes.  


This year, one of the cousins suggested Click2Mail because she had used it for work and liked the quality and ease of use. Using Click2Mail, the family was able to create postcards and a four-page newsletter electronically. They shared the newsletter digitally on Google Docs, which allowed for collaboration, and then uploaded their mailing list to send out the 300+ piece mailing. (They did this all with Mail My Doc.) They were thrilled knowing that everyone got a beautifully printed, full-color newsletter and save-the-date postcard.


New this year, the family started a scholarship program for family members. With Click2Mail they will also be able to send out the scholarship information packets with a return envelope for donations.


“The newsletter was a huge hit,” Ethel says. “We announced the scholarship program in the newsletter that went out in July. We’ve already received over $1,000 in donations. Everyone just loved it. Some family members have even said it is a ‘keepsake’ because of the family photos and stories we were able to share in the printed newsletter.”


Ethel went on to say that they compared Click2Mail to another printer and they were able to realize a savings of over $250 with Click2Mail. “Just the color copies alone with [the other printer] would have been more than what it cost us to print and mail our newsletter with Click2Mail. Plus if a family member wants another copy of the newsletter, it is already saved in our account and we can easily send it out with just a click of the mouse!”


The Keys Lewis Keyes reunion committee has other mailings planned before their big event next year. Next up is a flyer/self-mailer to highlight important dates on the family’s busy event calendar. “Now that we have our mailing list in our account, we don’t need to worry about where it is or who has it. We are able to make changes, updates, and additions right in our Click2Mail account. Click2Mail has been a real life saver!” 


Even if you don’t have regular family reunions with 300+ of your relatives, you can use Click2Mail to keep in touch with your extended family. Around the holidays, annual and end-of-year newsletters are particularly popular ways to share the year’s big news with family. Click2Mail’s Easy Letter Sender and our new Google Add-on ‘Mail My Doc’ are great tools for easily sending mail quickly and affordably. 


Easy Letter Sender – This super simple tool allows you to send personalized, full-color letters and postcards to anyone you wish. It also offers an attention-grabbing window envelope. Many of our customers use Easy Letter Sender to send out things like yearly newsletters and baby announcements. The process for using Easy Letter Sender is so simple. And fast: if you submit your mailer before 8pm EST, it is shipped the next day.


Mail My Doc – The Click2Mail add-on for Google Docs™ turns documents into high quality physical mail that is printed overnight, prepped, and mailed the next business day via First-Class Mail. It is what the Keys Lewis Keyes Reunion Committee used to send their mailers and they found it to be very simple and effective. 


Whether you are sending a few holiday newsletters or more than 300 reunion packages, Click2Mail makes it easy! For more information on mail made easy visit Click2Mail.com.