Despite the seemingly constant barrage of digital marketing, direct mail continues to be highly relevant and effective way to reach your target audience. While many companies have stepped away from traditional direct mail efforts to bring in the new, tech-savvy marketing channels; successful companies know that the key is to integrate these new marketing techniques into the existing efforts that have worked for years. In fact, according to a study by PrintIntheMix, 79% of professionals still consider direct mail to be “effective” or “very effective.”   


What makes direct mail so great? Here are three significant reasons why.  


People Actually Read It

According to a study by the US Postal Service, 98 percent of people, check their mail and bring it in each day, with 77 percent taking the time to immediately open and sort it. Unlike email which can be easily deleted without ever being opened, mailpieces like postcards and flyers have to be actually looked at before a person can determine if they have value or not. A survey of 64,000 online shoppers revealed, households receiving print catalogs shop more often and spend longer periods of time exploring online retail websites than those who don’t. This is important information that can’t be tracked through your website and online analytics. 


A different survey, this time conducted by ExactTarget, found that 65 percent of adult Millennials say they prefer to read something on paper. One theory is that printed material adds authenticity to your brand, a trait that can quickly be lost in a virtual world. 


Business is Booming

Scarborough Research found coupons received by consumers via direct mail have a 35 percent redemption rate. People expect to find coupons and advertisements in their mailbox, so now that the mailbox isn’t as crowded as it used to be…it’s easier for people to see, keep, and use the coupons that are relevant to them. 

Additionally, Direct order business-to-business direct marketing sales are projected to increase 5.4 percent over the next three years. Getting your product details in front of your clients is easy with a printed catalog, brochure, or white paper personalized and mailed directly to the individual. Direct mail enables your customers to keep and save your information for when they need it and ready to purchase. And another benefit is they can pass that information on to friends and family – translate that to new customers. 


It Works Harder To Boost Your Efforts

Direct mail can actually make all the other marketing efforts you use  work together more successfully. The Little Book of Big Returns (2011) found that, when used as a part of an integrated campaign, mail boosted an advertiser’s return on investment (ROI) by 20 percent. Mail also helped increase the lift of local ads by 44 percent and online campaigns by 62 percent. 


Direct mail alone can be an outstanding marketing solution. But when combined with digital marketing it can be the vitamin your marketing plan needs to be truly healthy! 


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