Hands-on printing, folding and mailing of marketing and transactional mailings is so over. Now you can pretty much automate the entire process, and save countless hours of tedious labor. And of course, Click2Mail is leading the way into the future with a variety of automation APIs, some already available to Click2Mail’s Mailing Online Pro users and more in the pipeline. 


APIs are secure interfaces that you can add to your existing website or program to automate your mail-related activities: creating, updating, searching and deleting records, setting mailpiece production schedules and more. This first article in the series will cover the APIs you can get from Click2Mail today. 


We’ll help you choose the one that’s most compatible with your programming style and platform. All three offer advanced features such as IMb (Intelligent Mail Barcode) tracking, automatic CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) and NCOA (National Change of Address) address cleansing, and postage discounts on qualifying addresses. Account setup and integration support is FREE!


REST API and SOAP API lets you customize your program and integrate it with the Click2Mail system. It works across different platforms, so it doesn’t matter whether your system uses Linux, Windows or whatever.


Easily integrates postal mail functionality into the mobile, web and mailroom applications you already use. No need to reinvent the wheel; just add a little more grease!


Batch XML offers all the functionality of REST and SOAP but also streamlines multiple projects. Group all of your mailings and print products and send them to us as one API call, instead of sending the files one at a time.


At Click2Mail we’re working on even more new services, enhancements and automation tools, all designed specifically to make your business mailings more time- and cost-efficient. Watch this column for the new releases!