You spoke – we listened and we’re making a change to improve our non-color postcards. Starting Monday, November 21st, we will change the paper stock for all black and white postcards to uncoated stock. We believe this change will reduce the risk of postal damage and improve the appearance of your postcards when they arrive in mailboxes.


So, why now? Since launching our rating and reviews program earlier this year we have received over 450 comments and suggestions – thank you! Yet, despite much positive feedback, one frequent complaint has been smearing and rub marks on postcards – surface damage that is caused by the heat and friction of propulsion wheels on high-speed postal sorting equipment.


After extensive testing, Click2Mail determined that the coating typically applied to postcard paper to enhance its look and feel is likely to intensify the postal damage by melting and allowing the toner-based print on postcards to smear. In light of this finding we’ve decided to switch to an uncoated paper stock for black and white postcard products that we believe will help to lessen this type of damage. We’re continuing to research solutions for full color postcards and will keep you informed of our findings.


Please let us know if the change works. We have been truly humbled to see all the positive feedback and enthusiastic support in your reviews and comments and we encourage you to continue to share your thoughts and observations – we are listening.


Thank you!