There’s a lot going on behind the scenes at Click2Mail, all with the aim of providing you with new options and services. You’ll notice some changes right away, and some are coming soon.
New integrations. We are adding a variety of apps which will streamline your mailing activities. For example, a Zapier integration will connect multiple apps and automate tasks. These will officially launch at the end of this month.

Editor loads differently. This is the first step in new features that will be added in the very near future. For right now, the functionality is the same.

New products. A secure self-mailer will soon be added to your mailpiece choices. Great for mailing financial and legal documents, this format combines the protection of sensitive information with the affordability of a self-mailer (no envelope needed). Keep an eye on this site for details.

New notecard templates. Our recently introduced folded card is proving to be a hit, and our classic single-sided card is as popular as ever. These classy cards mailed in envelopes make a great impression whether you’re sending them to business or personal contacts. Watch for new, professionally designed notecard templates that you can use to create an unforgettable mailing.

We are so excited about all the positive changes planned for 2017 at Click2Mail, we can hardly wait to share them with you! Be sure to check back often for more announcements and capabilities to make your 2017 mailings easier and better than ever.

We are working with our customers to improve the site and provide a better customer experience. If you would like to be part of our User Test Group, please visit We really appreciate your feedback.