Click2Mail’s celebrating Valentines Day by gifting you a FREE Folded or Single-Sided Notecard to send to a client, a friend, or a significant other–a little something to show them you care. Use it to send a Valentine Notecard to someone you LOVE doing business with. It’s easy, it’s memorable, and for a limited time, it’s FREE. *

Choose from 2 formats.

Click2Mail Folded Notecard

Create your own and use coupon code LOVEYA17 at checkout to try the folded notecard. (One coupon per account.)

Create your own and use coupon code GR81 at checkout to try the notecard. (One coupon per account.)

…and if you don’t want to create your own, click here to send a FREE Valentine’s Day notecard using our quick-fill form.

3 ways to get help. As always, we are dedicated to making the process as fast and easy as possible for you.

* Free card offer is limited to the first 4,000 orders. This special offer expires 2/9/17