It’s time again to take your vote to the polls, celebrate our Veterans, stuff your belly, shop Black Friday deals, and support local businesses. It’s a busy month, which means lots of great direct mail marketing opportunities.

Election Day: November 5, 2013 – Celebrate the freedom to vote by giving your customers a special voters’ deal. Take Laurie, who owns a local coffee shop. Many of her daytime customers are businessmen and women; in the evening she primarily serves the college crowd. Laurie wanted to inspire people to get out to the polls and vote on Election Day so she offered her customers a free drink if they presented their voter registration card or “I Voted” sticker. She sent out 5″ x 8″ postcards to the customers on her in-house mailing list and 6.5″ x 9″ EDDM postcards to every address within 12 miles of her shop. On Election Day she had a great turn out, giving away over 150 drinks. Laurie loved being able to make an impact in her community and plans on using direct mail to promote future events.

Veteran’s Day: November 11, 2013 – Veterans have sacrificed so much to protect and serve our country. Veteran’s Day is a special day to show our appreciation for their dedication. Take, for example, restaurant owner Mark, who hosts a special event for Active Duty military and Veterans. Everyone who comes in and presents a military ID gets a free meal. Mark loves being able to give back to Veterans in his community.

Mark works hard to ensure that he markets the event to get a great turnout. He has been using direct mail marketing for years and has found great success with it. Using Click2Mail’s mailing list services Mark sends out 4.25″ x 6″ postcards to all Veterans and Military personnel within a 20-mile radius of his restaurant. The restaurant asks each customer where they heard about the event and they record the answers at the end of the day. Each year direct mail has brought in more customers than any other marketing tool.

Thanksgiving: November 28, 2013 – Whether you like to play a game of flag football, watch football on TV, or spend the afternoon sleeping off all the turkey you ate, Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for all the things in your life. Take this day to give special thanks to your customers. That’s what John does. He is the owner and butcher at Bob’s Big Butcher Shop, where he dedicates his time to providing the highest quality goods and services to his customers. John is proud of the work he does with and for local farmers – one of whom raises turkeys for Thanksgiving. Last year John decided to purchase a few of the turkeys for himself so that he could raffle them off to his most loyal customers.

John created a special 6″ x 11″ postcard that included details on the drawing and a punch card. For every item a customer purchased within the month of October they got one punch on their card. If, by October 31st, they had 20 punches on their card they would be entered into the raffle. John sent all of these cards out to the customers on his mailing list and in October he saw a huge boost in sales. His customers were very excited about the opportunity to win a local 20+ lb. turkey for their Thanksgiving feast. About 30 customers got all 20 punches filled and on November 2nd John held the drawing for the 3 free turkeys. John was so happy with the results of the direct mail marketing and giveaway he plans to make it his yearly Thanksgiving tradition.

Black Friday: November 29, 2013 – Last year, approximately 225 million people went shopping on Black Friday, spending a total of $11.4 billion. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and a great time for people to get big discounts. Take advantage of the buzz surrounding this shopping holiday with a direct mail marketing campaign.

That’s what James did. James is the owner of an electronic store franchise. He started hosting a Black Friday sale about five years ago in hopes that it would boost his sales and bring new customers in. Just like many business owners, James found Black Friday to be a very successful day, but he says, “I owe it all to direct mail.” The first year James held a Black Friday sale, he had heard of direct mail through one of his colleagues but decided it wasn’t for him. After a less than satisfying turnout he decided to give direct mail a try the following year. James put together an EDDM mailing campaign and sent out about 2,000 7″ x 10″ EDDM folded mailers. His numbers doubled from the year before and that’s when James became a believer in direct mail marketing.

Small Business Saturday: November 30, 2013 – Small businesses are the backbone of America. Over the past few years awareness of the importance of small businesses has grown, and many customers now favor supporting small, often local, companies. Small Business Saturday is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and is a great opportunity to support your local businesses and economy.

If you own a small business, take advantage of Small Business Saturday to get your business recognized, get people into your store, and sell. That’s what Sally does. Sally uses a variety of marketing tools, including direct mail, to promote her Small Business Saturday deals. Last year she sent a 5” x 8” postcard to all of her regular customers and also used Click2Mail’s Lookalike/Cloning report to find a new mailing list to help her find a new list of ideal prospects. Sally was very pleased with the turnout among her regular customers and was happy to add quite a few new customers as well.

There are so many great opportunities to mail in November. To get started on your direct mail campaign visit today. If you’re looking to plan your direct mail campaigns beyond the month of November, look no further than Click2Mail’s Annual Mailing Calendar. For your copy, visit