If you haven’t yet tried Zapier’s tools for making your everyday business software automatically generate a mailing on Click2Mail, take a look at what you could be doing … and how much time and work you could be saving!


Idea #1: Mail with Google Sheets

If you use Google Sheets to manage sales leads or customers, this custom Zapier integration is for you. Simply adding a new row in the spreadsheet triggers Click2Mail to send your mailpiece to that new lead or customer. Without any extra effort on your part, you’ve jumpstarted the relationship with a personalized letter that makes the recipient feel valued.


Idea #2: Mail with Google Forms

If you use Google Forms to capture customer information, this Zapier integration can automatically submit to create letters and cards. It’s simple. Create a Google Form and connect the responses (it’s a Google sheet) to your document to create instantly personalized mailer. You can even insert merge fields in the middle of the document.


Idea #3: Mail with 123 Contact Form or WuFoo

If your website or marketing emails use one of these popular contact forms, this custom Zapier integration will make responding to the people who use them fast, foolproof and effortless. Whenever someone fills out and submits your form, Zapier triggers Click2Mail to send your mailpiece to that contact info. It could be a letter, a postcard, a product sheet — the choice is yours.


More in Store

These are just a few of the ready-to-use Zaps that we’ve set up for your convenience. And more will be added in the coming months. But there are literally hundreds of more apps that Zapier is compatible with, and you can easily add Click2Mail’s postal mail function to most of them. Check them out here.


Staying Ahead

Right now Click2Mail is the only print-and-mail service on Zapier. So, while your competition is still spending hands-on time to generate their mailings, you’re already done and have moved on to other tasks.


Set up your account on Zapier, and you’re ready to go!


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