Susie Moon’s Jewelry with Spirit sells fine handcrafted jewelry at gem and jewelry shows in the Pacific Northwest.

To promote her appearance at each show, owner Susan Roberts sends postcards to customers in that show’s region. In addition to announcing where she will appear, she includes free admission to those shows that sell entry tickets.

Postcard mailings are always effective even though it is a painful, time consuming process.  In the past, after designing each postcard and having it printed, Ms. Roberts would spend several more hours applying address labels, stamps and getting the cards into the mail.

That changed when an organizer of one of the shows told her about Click2Mail! Ever since following up on her colleague’s tip, Ms. Roberts has used Click2Mail’s convenient and efficient service for printing and mailing her postcards.

How working with Click2Mail helps

Saves time: It was taking four to five hours to get each mailing ready. As an artist, Ms. Roberts needs time to create. As a small business owner, she needs time for operational tasks. Click2Mail’s help has preserved more of her time for the jobs that only she can do, reducing the time it takes to complete a mailing to a half hour or less.

No minimums: Susie Moon’s is a small business and the number of customers targeted by each mailing is relatively low, determined by one geographic area. Ms. Roberts typically sends about 150-500 postcards in each mailing, not thousands like a larger business might. But with Click2Mail, she benefits from bulk pricing for both printing and mailing.

Prompt service: Thanks to Click2Mail’s next-day service, Ms. Roberts doesn’t have to plan each postcard weeks in advance.

The postcard project with Click2Mail

Ms. Roberts uses a double-sided layout for her Click2Mail postcards. She starts by composing the front of the postcard and saving it as a pdf document.

She creates a project in her Click2Mail account and uploads the pdf to that project. She also uploads the mailing list for the particular show she is promoting. Then, she uses the online editor to finish creating the postcard.

When she is ready, she checks and approves the pre-printing proof provided by Click2Mail. After she finalizes the project, her postcards are printed and in the mail the next business day!

Ms. Roberts doesn’t have a website at this time. You can find her at jewelry shows in WA and OR, including the International Gem & Jewelry Show at Seattle and the Gem Faire in Puyallup, Portland, Hillsboro and Eugene. She also participates in the Bellevue Rock Club, Puyallup Rock Club and Mt. Hood Rock Club shows, as well as the Prineville Rock Hound Pow Wow.

We’re proud to be Susie Moon’s direct mail partner and we’re proud of her success with postcards. Want to tell us your story? Email Carly at [email protected] to schedule an interview.